A look back to Shawn Mendes’ mental health struggles: Inside his decision to pause the wonder tour!

    Shawn Mendes halted his "Wonder" tour dates to focus on his mental well-being. After a revealing battle with anxiety and the pressures of fame, Mendes shared his journey.

    <p>Shawn Mendes (Source: People)&nbsp;</p>

    Shawn Mendes (Source: People)&nbsp;

    A Retrospective Dive into Shawn Mendes' Mental Health Rollercoaster

    When you're at the zenith of fame as Shawn Mendes, the glaring spotlight can often shine too bright. Reflecting on events from a year ago, Mendes’ decision to halt his acclaimed "Wonder" world tour to prioritize mental health reminds us of the vulnerability even superstars face. As reported by People in 2022, Mendes’s candor about his mental health struggle stands as an emblematic testament to the price of fame.

    Finding Balance in the Limelight

    The acclaimed "Wonder" world tour had fans buzzing in anticipation. However, Mendes, having embarked on the North American segment of his tour on June 27 last year, felt the familiar pangs of anxiety and solitude. Being away from family and friends, a sentiment he had voiced, proved to be a considerable challenge. Although he braced himself to "dive back in" after a hiatus, Mendes soon realized the decision was "premature and unfortunately, the toll of the road and the pressure has caught up to me, and I've hit a breaking point."

    Shawn Mendes' In My Blood (Source: Pinterest)

    Mendes' History with Anxiety: A Revealing Insight

    Mendes's battle with anxiety isn't recent. In a 2018 conversation with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, he delved into his struggles. And a year later, Mendes referred to his revelation as "one of the scariest but most important things I've ever done." This battle even found its way to his music, with his Grammy-nominated single "In My Blood" acting as a therapeutic avenue. "Just doing that helped me the most," he shared, highlighting the ubiquitous nature of such struggles, suggesting that everyone faces some level of anxiety.

    The Social Media Strain

    December 2021 was notably taxing for Mendes. Coming on the heels of his split from pop sensation Camila Cabello, Mendes confessed to grappling with social media. He noticed numerous TikToks of fans getting emotional, hoping it was a testament to the authenticity and truth in his song, "It'll Be Okay." While appreciating fans for their overwhelming response, he remarked on the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship with online platforms.

    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello (Source: Glamour)

    In Conclusion

    Shawn Mendes, a figurehead in the music industry, has reiterated the importance of mental health through his actions and words. His decision to pause his tour, as significant as it was, underscored a message: Sometimes, it's crucial to step back and heal. As Mendes had candidly put it, "As soon as there are more updates I promise I will let you know love you guys."

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