Actress Ramya condemns Darshan, urges Kannada industry to break silence: 'What message are you giving to society?'

    Actress-producer Ramya has questioned the Kannada film industry's silence regarding the arrest of Kannada superstar Darshan in a murder case.

    Ramya slams Darshan.

    Ramya slams Darshan.

    Actress-producer Divya Spandanas, popularly known as Ramya, has been very vocal about her criticism of Kannada superstar Darshan, who has been arrested in connection with a murder case investigation. She continues to condemn the alleged behavior of the star, which reportedly led to the brutal death of a 33-year-old man named Renuka Swamy.

    Ramya has also encouraged her colleagues to speak out against the culture of fear and silence that allows individuals to commit crimes with impunity. "I think they (the members of the Kannada film fraternity) are afraid, and that's why they don't speak up. But, I hope they do. Because if you don't condemn it now, what kind of message are you giving to society? Are you telling people that you are okay with this kind of behaviour, and this is what you stand for? I find that ridiculous," Ramya told India Today.

    Ramya alleged that her colleagues in Kannada cinema are not willing to speak out because of the online harassment they have faced from the alleged fans of Darshan in the past. She claimed that she has also faced unrelenting trolling from Darshan's fans, prompting her to seek police intervention.

    "The same fan association of Darshan, which I flagged earlier on Twitter, has trolled me, other actors, and their wives and children too," she claimed.

    Ramya also expressed her disgust over the alleged crimes that Darshan committed in the past but managed to escape consequences due to his stardom. She claimed that his current predicament is a sign of his depleting clout, making it harder for him to escape the law.

    Earlier, a new report claimed that Darshan had attacked one of his staff at his farmhouse, causing permanent disfigurement. Another viral video showed an alleged associate of Darshan, who has also been arrested in the ongoing murder case, assaulting another man.

    Ramya hopes that Darshan will face the full extent of the law for the alleged crime he committed. "I have said before that the actors should be responsible and tell their fan clubs not to stoop to this level, but no one paid heed. Because he has been let off the hook so many times in the past, people think he can (get away) this time too. I really hope that it doesn't happen. I believe the police who are working on this case are very strict and follow the procedure," she added.