Alia Bhatt left stumped when asked why Ranbir Kapoor has a 'serious look' in many of their pictures together: 'Does he smile at home?'

    Alia Bhatt explains Ranbir Kapoor's serious look in most of their pictures together after being asked a bizarre question during Darlings promotions.


    Alia Bhatt had to stand up for husband Ranbir Kapoor and explain the serious look on his face every time he gets clicked with her in a ‘bizarre’ interview question during the promotions of her upcoming film Darlings . The actress was left stumped as American Youtube Jaby Koay shared his observation with her about her pictures with Ranbir and asked her if the Sanju star ever smiles at home.

    Well, as explanations go, Alia went into a detailed break down of Ranbir’s expressions and said that he could probably be looking serious or sad in pictures due to his ‘sunken eyes’ and even related to the problem. Alia said that it has also happened to her that when she has a frown on her face while concentrating at her phone or even shopping people ask her if everything is okay.

    Alia’s said, “I feel so bad. Basically, he has these sunken eyes which makes him look like either he’s serious or he is sad. But actually, that is his face.” She further added, “Anyway that’s Ranbir’s beautiful but serious face. To answer your question, yes he’s always smiling and he’s always laughing. But maybe you can say that I am the one who makes him smile, makes him laugh so may be that’s why he’s always smiling with me.”

    The query came from the YouTuber who happened to have googled Ranbir and Alia pictures and found that on an average most of their pictures together have Ranbir with a serious look on his face.

    Ranbir and Alia Bhatt tied the knot in April, earlier this year and are expecting their first child together. The couple will be seen in the upcoming film Brahmastra together for the first time.