Alia Bhatt on repeating Shiva’s name in Brahmastra: ‘People can literally play a drinking game based on it’

    Alia Bhatt and her character Isha have brutally been trolled on social media for repeating Ranbir Kapoor’s character Shiva’s name over and over again in Brahmastra.


    In the last few years, Alia Bhatt has grown as an actor. Thanks to her evolution and incredible performances in her last many releases, she has emerged to be one of the top and most sought-after celebrities of the Hindi film industry. But sadly her portrayal of Isha in Brahmastra could not meet expectations that the audience had. While you may have already come across ‘Isha tumhara button hai’ meme on social media, another reason why the actress is being trolled is the number of times she says ‘Shiva’ in the film.

    In a recent chat with India Today, Alia reacted to the memes that are doing the rounds and even revealed that she felt odd saying Ranbir Kapoor ’s character’s name over and over again while shooting. The actress shared, “On the Shiva dialogue thing, I myself actually made that joke. I told Ayan people can literally play a drinking game based on the number of times I have said Shiva in the film or they can do a workout game or whatever they want to do. I find that joke hilarious because I also felt it.”

    During an interview with another portal, director Ayan Mukerji shared that he has a habit of taking people’s names over and over again in real life. Moreover, Ranbir revealed that Ayan was very particular about it. The filmmaker believes that when someone is in love, they enjoy taking the name of the person they love-- which is why Shiva keeps taking Isha’s name in the film and vice versa.

    Well, there are many fans who were overjoyed to see Shiva and Isha’s love story. We are all now eagerly waiting for the next two parts in this planned trilogy, which will reportedly be shot together.