'Because I Worry About What It’s Going to Be': Jane Fonda Speaks Out on Barbarella Remake and Dino Crisis

    Jane Fonda, who shot to fame with the original Barbarella, is expressing concern over its remake.

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    "She's the Original, But Is She the Best?" – Jane Fonda Worries About Barbarella and We're Worried About Dino Crisis Remake

    Jane Fonda: A Trendsetter with No Plans to Trend Follow

    As reported by The Independent, Jane Fonda, the timeless beauty and feminist icon, recently spilled the tea about the upcoming Barbarella remake. She "tries not to" think about it and openly shared her concerns. This got us pondering: if Fonda's skeptical about Barbarella, what would she say about the buzzworthy Dino Crisis Remake?

    "Why Don't They Listen to the Classics?"

    Jane Fonda's 1968 performance as Barbarella turned her into a Hollywood sex symbol, despite her self-confessed "weak" view of women at the time. "I had an idea of how to do it that [original producer] Dino De Laurentiis wouldn't listen to. It could have been a truly feminist movie," she said. Now, we can't help but wonder: Will the Dino Crisis Remake also miss out on an opportunity for feminist commentary?

    "Dino Crisis: More Than Just Dinosaurs?"

    The original Dino Crisis was a heart-pounding, survival-horror fest. But let's face it, while it had its thrills and spills, it didn't exactly scream 'gender equality.' So, could the Dino Crisis Remake pick up where Barbarella left off and deliver a modern-day feminist twist? Only time will tell.

    The actress's journey to feminism didn't start until her outspoken anti-Vietnam War activism in 1972, which opened her eyes to "feminism and women's friendships." "I've become a much healthier person," Fonda stated. And with Fonda's unwavering activism, from Black Lives Matter to the climate crisis, it's clear she's not afraid to challenge Hollywood's status quo.

    "Riding the Wave of Feminism, One Dino at a Time"

    Could the Dino Crisis Remake be the feminist epic we didn't know we needed? If producers are wise, they'll tap into the rising demand for feminist storytelling. After all, if Jane Fonda's concerned about the direction of Barbarella, it may be a telling sign for the future of feminist narratives in Hollywood.

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