Chandu Champion star Kartik Aaryan says 'box office numbers won’t matter' | Here's why

    Helmed by Kabir Khan, Kartik Aaryan-starrer Chandu Champion hit the theatres on June 14.

    Chandu Champion- Kartik Aaryan

    Chandu Champion- Kartik Aaryan

    Despite earning critical acclaim, Kartik Aaryan’s Chandu Champion opened with grim box office numbers and is trying to stay afloat with the power of good ‘word of mouth.’ Speaking about the importance of box office numbers, Kartik in an interview said that he wants his films to be profitable for the producers and revealed that he still gets Friday jitters.  But he also conceded that 'box office numbers won’t matter' for Chandu Champion. Read on to know why he said that...

    Kartik Aaryan on Chandu Champion BO numbers

    In an interview with Free Press Journal, Kartik talked about his experience of shooting Chandu Champion. He said that playing Murlikant Petkar was his toughest role to date and that we will always remember it. Kartik revealed that box office numbers don’t matter for a film like Chandu Champion which will inspire millions to achieve their dreams.

    “I hope people would remember this role in my filmography. It’s the story that is the need of the hour. The film will inspire millions of people to achieve their dreams. I feel, such a character comes rarely in life. Box office numbers won’t matter,” he said.

    Kartik Aaryan on whether box office numbers bother him

    But when the actor was asked if box office numbers bothered him, he replied he is fine with whatever numbers his films make if it is profitable to the producers. “Since my producers, exhibitors are making money out of my films, my job is done. I only have this much pressure, rest doesn’t matter. Rest everything is just for headlines. Who will dislike more numbers but I have come to terms with that... every film would not be a money spinner,” he added.  
    Speaking further about this, Kartik revealed that he wants to continue being a ‘gold’ at the box office but there is no trick to that and he still gets those Friday jitters.

    Helmed by Kabir Khan, Chandu Champion, starring Kartik Aaryan, Palak Lalwani and Bhuvan Arora, hit the theatres on June 14. A sports drama film, Chandu Champion is based on the real-life story of India’s first paralympic gold medalist Murlikant Petkar. Kartik had to undergo a rigorous training process to achieve the physicality of an athlete which took him almost two years.