'Exercise is My Anchor': Liam Hemsworth Shares His Fitness-focused Road to Recovery Post-divorce

    After his high-profile divorce from Miley Cyrus, actor Liam Hemsworth has found solace in a commitment to health and fitness.


    In the aftermath of a highly-publicized split from pop icon Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth has emerged with an unexpected focus on health and wellness. The 'Hunger Games' actor recently revealed in an exclusive interview with Australian Men's Health that physical fitness played a critical role in his journey toward personal recovery post-divorce.

    The tumultuous roller coaster of divorce proceedings, which began in August 2019 and concluded in January 2021, inspired Hemsworth to reevaluate his priorities and invest in self-improvement. Physical activity became his linchpin for maintaining mental health. Hemsworth discloses, "The past six months have been a period of maintaining equilibrium and finding balance in my life. Exercise has played a significant role."

    Physical fitness has been more than a routine for Hemsworth; it has been a process of self-reconstruction. When asked about his 'rebuilding' journey through fitness, he chuckled and confirmed, "That's indeed an apt description."

    The actor's transformation was evident to his fitness coach, Jason Walsh, who noted an invigorating spark of happiness that had been absent for a while. According to Walsh, "His resilience is astounding. It's been a while since I've seen him this content. We capitalized on his newfound energy."

    Hemsworth's role in Quibi's 'Most Dangerous Game' further underscored his commitment to exercise. The role required him to run for extended periods daily, which in his words, "kept me on the move." Far from feeling burdened, Hemsworth found the physical demands of the role invigorating.

    While Hemsworth embraced fitness as his post-divorce healing mechanism, Cyrus continued on her path, engaging her audience with her Instagram Live series 'Bright Minded' and spending quality time with her new beau, Cody Simpson.

    Hemsworth's journey paints a poignant picture of the vital role physical health plays in managing mental well-being, especially during personal crises. His story stands as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of fitness, offering a beacon of hope for others navigating their personal struggles and underscoring fitness as a crucial element of recovery.