From Broadway to Patrick Bateman: Aaron Tveit's daring transformation for 'American Horror Stories'.

    In a transformative role in 'American Horror Stories', Aaron Tveit taps into the darkness of Patrick Bateman, delivering a brutal and unexpected performance.

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    When one contemplates the polished, charismatic persona of Aaron Tveit, it's challenging to envision him embodying a character reminiscent of the chilling Patrick Bateman. However, Tveit's recent role in the FX series, 'American Horror Stories', proves that the Broadway darling can do just that, and more.

    "Aaron Tveit’s Descent into Darkness: The Patrick Bateman Transformation"

    As reported by TVLine, Aaron Tveit, known for his magnetic stage presence, took an unexpected turn with his character in 'American Horror Stories.' He admits, “This guy basically serves to totally disrupt [the main characters’] marriage and relationship...I definitely had American Psycho and had Patrick Bateman-esque sociopathy in my head.” The actor’s endeavor into the depths of such a manipulative and dark persona has left audiences stunned and riveted.

    Tveit's character may have left viewers pondering the next time they hire a contractor, but for him, it was a chance to dip his toes into the tumultuous world of horror, a departure from his usual roles. His portrayal was described as "brutal, violent, and unexpected," words typically far-removed from his usual 'Prince Charming' roles.

    "From Broadway to Horror: Tveit's 'American Horror Stories' Journey"

    One of the many allurements of this peculiar role was getting to work with Matt Bomer and longtime friend Gavin Creel. His off-screen camaraderie with Creel was cleverly utilized in a twist ending for a virtual performance, the details of which were shrouded in mystery until now. As Tveit reveals, "Everything was virtual, but our gag was that we ended up in the same frame… because we were bubbled together living in the same apartment complex while we were shooting this show."

    While his journey into the dark realms of Patrick Bateman-like sociopathy might seem like a one-off, Tveit hints that his tryst with the 'American Horror Stories' universe might not be his last. He expresses his admiration for the collaborative atmosphere fostered by Ryan Murphy, likening it to a theatre troupe, creating unique projects together.

    Aaron Tveit’s fearless leap from Broadway into the violent, unexpected world of 'American Horror Stories' is a testament to his acting prowess. His calculated transformation into a Patrick Bateman-esque character has not only captivated audiences but also allowed Tveit to showcase his range and versatility as an actor.

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