Gauahar Khan defends Ranbir Kapoor after trolls attack him for making fun of Alia Bhatt; calls it ‘halka phulka mazaak’

    Recently Ranbir Kapoor cracked a joke about Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy weight gain, which did not go down well with netizens. Gauahar Khan has now shared a cryptic post, which looks like it is meant for Ranbir’s trolls.


    During a live chat to promote Brahmastra, actor Ranbir Kapoor left his co-star Alia Bhatt as well as their director Ayan Mukerji stumped when he cracked a joke which didn’t land well. His wife, who is pregnant, was talking about why the team hasn’t branched out to promote the film yet. She stated, “If the question you are asking is why we are not phailod (spread) everywhere...” All of a sudden Ranbir looked down at her baby bump and said, “Well, I can see that somebody has phailod.” When he called it a joke, Alia laughed it off. But netizens were not happy.

    They brutally trolled him and accused him of body-shaming Alia. Recently in a media interaction, Ranbir apologized for his joke and admitted that he has a poor sense of humor. Well, actress Gauahar Khan has now shared a cryptic tweet which looks like it is meant for Ranbir’s trolls. She wrote: “Aaj kal log kuch zyaada hi sensitive ho gaye hain . Ab apni biwi se kuch halka phulka Mazaak karne pe bhi paabandi hai , kya pata kaun kahaan pe offend ho jaaye . Take a chill pill yaar , take light , it will resolve a lot of the issues in the world .”

    Under this tweet, some fans agreed with Gauahar. However, there were many who trolled her and called her a hypocrite. One netizen shared, “This is hilarious. A person who gives her comments on everything n anything and expects others to keep mum wen it comes to her matters! Hypocrite much? PS: Can't blv I had once rooted for her,” while another wrote: “Lol please pay the same respect to Biggboss contestants Gauahar, not only for Bollywood biggies.”

    Well, during his apology, Ranbir had also revealed that Alia did not mind it and just laughed at his joke. Do you still think the backlash is fair?