'How many Batmans does Warner Bros. need, anyway?' - The Bat-Enigma surrounding Affleck's appearance in Aquaman 2

    Ben Affleck surprises fans by reprising his Batman role in "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom," despite previous retirement announcements.

    'How many Batmans does Warner Bros. need, anyway?' - The Bat-Enigma surrounding Affleck's appearance in Aquaman 2

    Batman fans, brace yourselves for an unexpected twist! Looking back at 2022, who would have guessed that our beloved Dark Knight, played by none other than Ben Affleck, would swoop back onto the silver screen in the "Aquaman" sequel, despite hanging up his cape in 2019? Well, that's precisely the explosive secret that Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman) leaked on his Instagram, revealing Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne would surface once more in "Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom." Momoa's teasing comment: "REUNITED Bruce and Arthur" still echoes in the ears of enthusiastic fans.

    The Bat Returns: Affleck's Unexpected U-turn

    In an article from Polygon, Affleck was quite vocal about the strenuous experience of embodying Batman, a role he first retired in 2019. Yet, it seems the allure of the Bat-Signal was too compelling to resist. He is set to reprise his role in "The Flash," and more surprisingly, in the highly anticipated sequel, "Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom."

    The beans about this twist were spilled by Jason Momoa himself on his Instagram, where he wrote, "REUNITED Bruce and Arthur," sparking a wave of excitement among fans who had spotted Affleck on the "Aquaman 2" set during a studio tour.

    Warner Bros.' Batman Conundrum

    With this surprising comeback, one can't help but echo Polygon's query, "How many Batmans does Warner Bros. need, anyway?" Affleck isn't the only Batman set for a return; Michael Keaton, who brought the character to modern movie audiences in the 1989 "Batman," is also coming back in "The Flash" and the upcoming "Batgirl" movie. And of course, Robert Pattinson is set to don the Bat-suit again in a sequel to "The Batman."

    The Bat-Return of Affleck, a titillating surprise indeed, has left fans hanging on the edge of their Bat-seats, waiting eagerly for the "Aquaman" sequel. After all, who could resist the charm of the Dark Knight, even if we thought we had seen the last of him?

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