'How we let it change us and how it still does': Richard Simmons' podcaster Dan Taberski on his new series 9/12

    Dan Taberski, known for the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, produces a new series '9/12', exploring the societal aftermath of 9/11.

    'How we let it change us and how it still does': Richard Simmons' podcaster Dan Taberski on his new series 9/12

    'Missing Richard Simmons' Podcaster, Dan Taberski, Pivots to 9/11 Aftermath with '9/12'

    You may know Dan Taberski from his podcast that explored the mysterious circumstances around fitness guru Richard Simmons. Now, as reported by Deadline, the man with a knack for unraveling societal puzzles turns his gaze to the echoes of 9/11 in a new podcast series, '9/12'.

    Taberski's '9/12': The Day After that Changed Everything

    Taberski and his team are focusing on the day after the fateful September 11th, 2001. The new podcast is a seven-episode narrative that examines the profound transformations America underwent after the tragic events of 9/11. As Taberski aptly said, "It's not the day that we need to 'never forget' - it's how we reacted afterwards, how we let it change us and how it still does."

    The series is a collaborative effort between Pineapple Street Studios, Wondery, and Amazon Music. This partnership is set to deliver a potent mix of personal stories, cultural shifts, and deep introspection, just as the series marking the 20th anniversary of the attacks goes live.

    Taberski's '9/12' Explores the Aftermath of 9/11 through a Kaleidoscope of Perspectives

    Each episode of '9/12' focuses on unique individuals whose lives were irrevocably altered on September 12th, 2001. From Hollywood directors secretly enlisted by the CIA to prevent the next attack to a Pakistani business owner grappling with the sudden disappearance of hundreds of his Brooklyn neighbors, the series paints a vivid picture of a nation in flux.

    Taberski, a New Yorker himself, emphasizes how crucial it is to understand the reactions, changes, and lasting impacts of the day after 9/11. "I'm a New Yorker born-and-raised, and when it happened, it was impossible to imagine that the world and the city would ever get back to normal. And it kind of never did." This insight sets the tone for the narrative of '9/12'.

    Dan Taberski's '9/12': An Introspective Journey into the Past, An Eye Opener for the Present

    Two decades later, the memory of 9/11 remains indelible in the collective memory of America. But, as Taberski’s new project suggests, it is equally crucial to remember how the nation evolved in the aftermath of that catastrophic event. This unique approach promises a fresh perspective on a historical turning point that shaped the world in unexpected ways.

    "9/12" will be available to binge exclusively on Amazon Music and Wondery+ on September 1, with new episodes dropping weekly elsewhere starting September 8. As we look back at the monumental event of 9/11, it's time to examine the day that followed and how it reverberates through today’s society, with the thoughtful insight of Dan Taberski guiding the way.

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