Hrithik Roshan's rumoured girlfriend Saba Azad is not just an actress but also a singer, is related to Safdar Hashmi

    Who is Saba Azad, the 'mystery girl' that Hrithik Roshan was spotted with last week? Well, find it out here...


    One fine Friday night, Hrithik Roshan was seen exiting a restaurant. But, what made the entire event special was the fact that he was holding hands of a lady, who was called the 'mystery girl' till then by the media. He did not, at any point in time, leave her hands, and was comfortable even when the cameras clicked around them. Upon closer examination, it was found that the 'mystery girl' was none other than actress Saba Azad. Yes, the actress who you might remember from Feels Like Ishq 's 'She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not', or from Ladies Room or Mujhse Frandship Karoge. But do you know that she is also a playback singer, was a part of a band with Imaad Shah, who she was also in a relationship with, and that she is related to playwright Safdar Hashmi?

    In fact, Saba had denounced her surname, and chose Azad instead. She was born Saba Singh Grewal, and later changed her surname to Azad. Talking about her decision, she said, “I took a name of my own choosing "AZAD" (free) free of religious tags, free of a conditioned understanding of what or who I may be, free of the fear of what taking this name may bring me.”

    Saba Azad is also related to playwright and director, Safdar Hashmi. 

    She has been inclined to theatres and has been a part from a young age. Not just that, she is also a trained dancer. She has performed Odissi in many countries and is also trained in Jazz and ballet.

    She is also a singer, and has lend her voice to many Bollywood songs like Dhak Dhak Karne Laga from Nautanki Sala, Calcutta Kiss from Detective Byomkesh Bakshi to Nakhrewali from Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota.

    In fact, she had teamed up with Imaad Shah, who is also the son of Naseeruddin Shah for a band called Madboy/ Mink. They have performed several times. Due to a common interest, they also were in a live-in relationship.

    Well, the 31 year old is surely one talented person, and much more than just the 'mystery girl' that Hrithik was spotted with!