Kamal Haasan on Indian 2 vs Indian 3: 'Like asking a child to choose between mother and father'

    Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan sparked a lively debate by expressing his love for Indian 3 while promoting Indian 2. Kamal clarified his excitement for both films and praised director Shankar for his visionary storytelling and for elevating the Tamil film industry to new heights. 

    Kamal Haasan in and as Indian.

    Kamal Haasan in and as Indian.

    Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan kicked up a debate after suggesting that he liked Indian 3 more than Indian 2. To quote him verbatim, "I agreed to do Indian 2 after so many years because of Indian 3."

    Kamal repeated this at every promotional event, leading many to speculate whether he was distancing himself from Indian 2. On Saturday, he addressed this question to put all speculations to rest.

    "I was working with director Shankar without any shortcomings for six years. But, after that press meet, he called me and expressed his regret. You cannot ask a child whether he likes his father or mother. Just because I said I liked this doesn't mean I don't like the other," he clarified.

    When Shankar started shooting Indian 2, there was no idea for part 3. But, as the story got bigger during production, he divided the script into two parts. "There are a lot of events that I like in Indian 3," added Kamal.

    However, this doesn't mean Kamal is not thrilled about Indian 2. He argued that as the world is going to watch Indian 2 next week, he can't wait to show what he has done in Indian 3.

    "Indian 2 release date is confirmed on July 12, and now my mind is racing towards Indian 3. Nobody can stop my excitement, including the director. Did I ask him to make Indian 3? He shot it, and now I am fascinated by it. What can I do?" remarked Kamal.

    Kamal also praised Shankar for expanding the reach of the Tamil film industry globally. He observed that the scale of Indian 2's production caught him off guard and made him appreciate how far the industry has grown in the last three decades.

    "When we made Indian (1996), it was the most expensive film in Tamil cinema at that time. But, in hindsight, that film looks like a middle-class family. Indian 2 is a rich family (in terms of production cost)," he said.

    Kamal revealed that thanks to unlimited access to resources, talent, and filmmaking technology, Shankar was able to dream bigger and push the limits of storytelling.

    "I started my career working in modest Tamil and Malayalam movies. But, I feel surprised now looking at the scale of productions happening in the industry. Directors like Shankar have taken the industry to great heights, not just in terms of business but also by bringing in technologies that allow us to make our dreams come true," he added.