Kangana Ranaut hits back at Bollywood celebrities after being slapped at airport, check out

    Actress Kangana Ranaut has called out Bollywood celebrities for not speaking in her defense, after the controversial incident at Chandigarh airport 

    <p>Kangana Ranaut</p>

    Kangana Ranaut

    After being allegedly slapped by a CISF personnel at Chandigarh airport, actress Kangana Ranaut has hit back at Bollywood celebrities who are not condemning this incident saying, ‘This can happen to you too or your children.’ The actress wrote this post, along with another Instagram story which she deleted later. 

    Kangana Ranaut’s post for Bollywood celebrities

    Taking to Instagram stories, Kangana wrote, ‘All eyes on Rafah Gang, this can happen to you or your children as well..When you celebrate a terror attack on someone be ready for the day it comes back to you too.’ 

    The deleted post said, “Dear film industry, you all are either celebrating or are totally mum on the airport attack on me remember if tomorrow if you walking disarmingly on some street of your country or anywhere else in the world and some Israeli / Palestinian hits you or your children just because you tried to bring eyes to Rafah or stood up for Israeli hostage... then you will see I will be fighting for your rights of free speech, if someday you wonder why I am where I am remember you are not me.” 

    Kangana wrote this message referring to the incident which took place at Chandigarh airport yesterday. After leaving her home in Himachal when the actress was coming to Delhi through Chandigarh airport, she was slapped by a woman security personnel. 

    The woman revealed her association with the farmer’s protest. The incident is assumed to be a response to Kangana's controversial remarks about women in Punjab during the farmers' agitation. 

    Kangana speaks about the security threat she faced

    Speaking about the incident and to clear all the confusion regarding it, Kangana took to her Instagram stories and shared a video in which she said, “I am safe and I am perfectly fine. Aaj Chandigarh airport pe jo hadsa hua wo security check ke sath hua. Waha pe jab mein security check karke jaise hi nikli, waha pe dusre cabin mein jo mahila thi, jo CISF hi karamchari thi, maine unse cross karne ka intazar kiya or side se aa kar unhone mere face pe hit kiya or galiyan dene lagi, jab maine unko pucha ki tumne aisa kyun kiya toh unhone kaha ki wo farmer’s protest ko support karti hain. (The incident which took place recently involved security personnel. After I cleared the security check, there was a CISF woman in the other cabin who waited to cross me, then came towards me and hit me in the face and started abusing me. Later, when I asked her the reason for it, she revealed that she supports the farmer’s protest.)” 

    Later Kangana added that she is safe, but her concern is regarding the handling of rising terrorism in the region of Punjab. According to reports, constable Kulwinder Kaur was suspended immediately, and an FIR was filed against her.