'Let's tell that story': Keanu Reeves' high-octane adventure into Formula One, coming Fall 2023!

    Keanu Reeves is steering into the world of Formula One, hosting a four-part documentary on Disney+, focusing on Brawn GP's unprecedented championships, airing in fall 2023.

    <p>Keanu Reeves (Source: ew.com)</p>

    Keanu Reeves (Source: ew.com)

    "There Is So Much to Talk About": Keanu Reeves Goes Full Throttle into Formula One!

    The action-packed life of Hollywood’s darling Keanu Reeves is about to hit a new speed record. Known for his roles in mega-hits like "John Wick," Reeves is not only bringing the thunder on the big screen but also to the race tracks of Formula One with a new Disney+ documentary. Hold on tight, race fans, because the "John Wick" star is promising "something really special" as he dives into the extraordinary world of Formula One.

    Keanu Reeves (Source: Koimoi)

    Keanu Reeves: From "John Wick" to Ross Brawn

    The as-yet-untitled four-part series is focusing on Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn, the brains who bought the Honda team in 2009, and took them to two mind-blowing championship victories.

    What attracted the "Speed" star to this high-octane subject? "A friend of mine was telling me the story and I was so struck by it," Reeves told a local racing journalist at the British Grand Prix. As reported by Variety, he continued, "Let's tell that story, let's try and tell that story." With Reeves' passion for speed and a personal collection of motorcycles, who else but the man himself could take on this wild ride?

    "I Mean, It’s Always Extraordinary": Reeves' Love for Formula One

    Keanu Reeves has long been known for his love for all things fast and furious. Founder of Arch Motorcycle, the star's enthusiasm for the sport is palpable. "It's been really great to be able to learn more about what was going on in Formula One that year," Reeves shared. "I mean, it's always extraordinary, but in that year with Brawn GP I think something really special happened."

    Keanu Reeves (Source: Koimoi)

    Buckle up for interviews with racing legends like former Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. Even Ross Brawn himself is set to take part, making this a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

    Formula One's Big Moment: Not Just Reeves on the Track

    The Reeves project isn’t the only game in town, with Brad Pitt, John Krasinski, and Jerry Bruckheimer also speeding into Formula One with a feature film. It seems like the world of Formula One is set to explode onto screens big and small, and our beloved Keanu is leading the pack.

    Keanu Reeves in the Driver's Seat: Coming to Disney+ Fall 2023

    It’s time to fasten those seat belts and prepare for a thrilling ride with Reeves at the wheel. The documentary promises to be a fascinating look into the world of Formula One at a pivotal moment in its history. Airing in fall 2023, this is one race you won't want to miss.

    In Keanu's own words, "The world of Formula One was just extraordinary." And with him steering the show, you can bet it's going to be an extraordinary experience for us all.

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