Lizzo Puts Rumors to Rest: Chris Evans is Not My Man, Myke Wright is the One

    Lizzo's affectionate friendship with Chris Evans has garnered attention, but she wants to set the record straight – Evans is not her man.

    Lizzo Puts Rumors to Rest: Chris Evans is Not My Man, Myke Wright is the One

    Lizzo's Public Service Announcement: Setting the Record Straight

    In a recent Instagram video, Lizzo addressed the persistent rumors surrounding her relationship with Hollywood actor Chris Evans. The singer-songwriter made it clear that Evans is not her man and took the opportunity to express her love and admiration for her boyfriend, Myke Wright.

    Lizzo recounted a moment during one of her shows when she noticed a fan holding a large cutout of Chris Evans's face. Emphatically, she declared, "Chris Evans is not my man. My man is [Myke Wright], and he's fine as hell." Lizzo urged her fans to show their support by featuring Wright's face instead, expressing her desire to see his handsome visage while performing on stage.

    A Friendship Formed and Love Found

    The friendship between Lizzo and Chris Evans began in 2021 with a series of drunken DMs. Lizzo playfully warned her followers about the perils of intoxicated messaging, sharing their interactions on TikTok. Evans responded in kind, admitting there's "no shame in a drunk DM" and leaving a kiss-face emoji. The two have since maintained a friendly connection, with Lizzo publicly acknowledging Evans at her concerts and praising him on red carpets.

    Meanwhile, Lizzo's romantic relationship with Myke Wright developed from a long-standing friendship. After years of camaraderie, they officially started dating in April 2022 and made their relationship Instagram official nearly a year later. Speaking to Howard Stern, Lizzo affirmed the seriousness of their commitment, stating, "We're not playing any games with each other anymore. This is official. There's nobody else I'm going to be with for the rest of my life."