Looking back: Nicolas Cage’s outrage and the chilling warning signs from armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed

    Revisiting Nicolas Cage’s chilling encounter with armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, an event that grimly hinted at future on-set tragedy. Unveiling ignored signs and Cage's fury in the overlooked incident on 'The Old Way.'

    <p>Nicolas Cage (Source: People)</p>

    Nicolas Cage (Source: People)

    In 2021, an incident on the set of "The Old Way" saw a livid Nicolas Cage, upset over the blatant disregard for basic gun safety protocols by a young armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Fast forward to today, this incident stands as a haunting prelude to the tragic event that later unfolded on the set of "Rust."

    The outcry ignored

    On a summer day, the tranquility of the Montana set was shattered by the unexpected sound of a gunshot. It wasn't the first time. Gutierrez-Reed had already startled the cast and crew by firing a gun without warning. "Make an announcement, you just blew my f*ing eardrums out!”** Cage bellowed, storming off the set in understandable fury. Despite the anger and calls for her dismissal, Gutierrez-Reed continued in her role, her lack of experience a ticking time bomb, her assurance a deceptive mirage.

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    The foreshadowing of a tragedy

    Nicolas Cage (Source: Variety)

    Ignoring the incident with Nicolas Cage would prove costly. The disregarded warnings and the overlooked concerns were precursors to a much graver incident on the “Rust” set. Gutierrez-Reed’s inexperience would later play a tragic part in a fatal accident, a heartbreaking event that could have been averted had earlier signs been heeded. The once-ignored incident now stands as a painful reminder of the cost of overlooking red flags.

    Even as the incidents piled up, including Gutierrez-Reed walking onto sets with live rounds and no announcements, no significant action was taken. “The problem is she didn’t have help. She was doing everything by herself in that movie and on the other movie.” The dire need for experienced personnel in sensitive roles stands highlighted, as the industry mourns the loss on the “Rust” set.

    Today, as we look back at the infuriated Nicolas Cage, his anger stands justified, his words a chilling forecast of a tragedy waiting to happen. The incident on “The Old Way” set, once brushed aside, now emerges as a poignant reminder of the pressing need for experience, caution, and the unyielding respect for safety protocols in the handling of firearms on film sets.

    Let the past serve as a lesson as the industry moves forward, bearing in mind the vital importance of experience and adherence to safety in ensuring the well-being of all individuals on the set, warding off tragedy and safeguarding lives.

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