Mammootty doesn't care for 'Megastar' title: 'Nobody is going to remember me till the end of the world'

    In a recent interview, Mammootty reflected on his acting career, legacy, and the passion that drives him to continue improving his skills as an actor.



    Malayalam superstar Mammootty has revealed that he doesn't approve of the honorary title "Megastar." He recalled that he was given that title by the Dubai press during his maiden visit to the country in 1987. While he may not have outrightly rejected the title, he revealed that he doesn't care for it much.

    "Only the Dubai press gave me that title, nobody from India did. That's the only title given to me by people out of respect and love. I am not carrying it or enjoying it. Mammukka is the best thing I can hear," he said in an interview on the YouTube channel Khalid Al Ameri.

    He also got philosophical when he was asked how he would like people to remember him. "How long will they remember me? 10 years, 15 years, finished. Don't expect people to remember you till the end of the world. That won't happen to everybody. Great people are remembered very, very, very little. I am one among thousands of actors. How can they remember me for more than a year?" he said.

    Mammootty also noted that he would continue to act in movies until his last breath. "Cinema is not part of my life. It's my life," he said.

    At the age of 72, Mammootty continues to give young actors a run for their money. He has at least three movies released every year and remains one of the busiest actors in the Indian film industry.

    Mammootty has also reinvented himself as an actor by embracing characters that a star of his stature would not even touch with a 10-foot pole. Along with critical acclaim, he has also scored box office hits.

    Mammootty's latest action movie Turbo is running well in cinemas despite mixed reactions. The film has already grossed more than Rs 50 crore from its worldwide ticket sales.