Munjya- Here are 5 reasons to watch the Abhay Verma and Sharvari Wagh this week!

    With the much talked about Munjya releasing this week, we list down the five reasons to watch the film at any cost!

    Munjya- Here are 5 reasons to watch the Abhay Verma and Sharvari Wagh

    Munjya- Here are 5 reasons to watch the Abhay Verma and Sharvari Wagh

    This week will see the release of Munjya, a film that has been making news all across the media as well as the social media. The reason? Well... even though this is a horror film, this is not just ‘yet another horror film’! This film introduces India’s first CGI central character! Isn’t that good enough a reason for you to go and watch the film in the theatres! Well... if that is not good enough of a reason, then, let us give you 5 reasons to watch this week’s release Munjya at a theatre near you!

    To start with, from the looks of it, Munjya just does not look like a film anymore… it's more of an emotion, a feeling… a feeling and emotion of fear written all over! Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology which has been used in the film (including the creation of the aforementioned India’s first CGI central character), the film is seemingly all set to give you the chills, thrills and the fear factor running down your spines!

    Secondly, the film has been set in the coastal region of Konkan, something which has not been explored that much in Bollywood films, especially. So far, we have only seen romantic or sea lore songs which had been shot along these coastal areas. This could be possibly one of the very few films which will have the ‘nature-ally luscious’ region of Konkan serving as the perfect backdrop!

    Third aspect which works in the favour of the film is its fresh starcast in the form of Abhay Verma and Sharvari Wagh forming the leading pair! Even though they both have proved their mettle as actors in their previous projects, a film like Munjya will surely give them the much-deserved platform to showcase their till-now-unexplored ocean of talents!

    Film’s music surely forms one of the driving forces for the film, which becomes a reason in itself for the audiences to see the film. If the music in the film’s trailer is anything to go by, then, one thing looks certain… that those who are going to watch the film to get an ‘thrilling and chilling experience of their lifetime’ will just not be disappointed at all!

    Lastly, what could prove as the ‘X’ factor in the film’s favour and fortune is the timing of the film’s release. Given the fact that, the film is a medium sized budget film, had it been pitched with a ‘Big Daddy’ of a release, then, chances of its survival would have been bleak. But, to the film’s good fortunes, Munjya does not have any competition at the box office window this week. This is the factor which could work in the film’s favour and also give the audiences a reason to watch the film at any cost!

    As for the film Munjya, it stars Sharvari, Abhay Verma, Mona Singh and Sathyaraj in important roles. While the film has been produced by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik, it has been directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. The film Munjya is all set to release in theatres on June 7, 2024.