Netflix's most riveting documentaries: Ten options to expand your horizons

    Check out our top 10 list of the best documentaries available on Netflix. Expect a journey packed with awe-inspiring tales, powerful emotions, and profound insights.

    Netflix's most riveting documentaries: Ten options to expand your horizons

    Step out of your regular TV routine and dive into an ocean of factual storytelling. We've assembled a handy list of the top 10 documentaries you shouldn't miss on Netflix. These films encapsulate the power of human endeavor, the mesmerizing chronicles of artists, and the captivating exploration of cultural phenomena.

    1. "The Deepest Breath"(2023)

    Plunge into the adrenaline-fueled world of freediving with Laura McGann's "The Deepest Breath," which marvels at the fierce determination needed to excel in this extreme underwater sport. Watch it now on Netflix.

    2. "Saint of Second Chances"(2023)

    Venture into the high-stakes arena of professional baseball with Jeff Daniel's "Saint of Second Chances." This poignant redemption tale offers an intimate look at the volatile relationship between father and son duo, Bill and Mike Veeck. 

    3. "Take Care of Maya" (2023)

    Henry Roosevelt's gripping documentary chronicles the heartbreaking medical journey of Maya Kowalski, opening a Pandora's box that throws light on the cracks in the US child welfare system. 

    4. "Wham!" (2023)

    Jam to 80's pop hits in "Wham!" a behind-the-scenes portrayal of beloved duo George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley's meteoric rise and remarkable legacy. Join the party on Netflix.

    5. "Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me"(2023)

    Ursula Macfarlane's deeply sensitive film offers an intimate understanding of the iconic model Anna Nicole Smith, scrutinizing the celebrity culture that catalyzed her rapid rise and fall.

    6. "Becoming"(2020)

    Based on Michelle Obama's memoir, "Becoming" is a heartwarming documentation of the former first lady's nationwide book tour, offering an intimate look into her inspiring journey. 

    7. "Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now"(2023)

    Step into the wild rollercoaster ride of rock star Lewis Capaldi’s life in this edgy documentary, filled with raw emotions and music that touches the soul.

    8. "The American Meme" (2018)

    Director Bert Marcus perceptively delves into the harsh realities of internet fame, examining influencers at the peak of their online buzz.

    9. "Pamela: A Love Story"(2023)

    Journey through the tumultuous life of cultural icon Pamela Anderson, revealing her interactions with fame, life-changing trauma, and tabloid scandals.

    10. "Sr." (2022)

    Experience a heartfelt tribute to Hollywood's artistic genius Robert Downey Sr., seen from the perspective of his audacious son, Robert Downey Jr.

    By sharing universal narratives covering crime, music, sports, and more, these documentaries promise to take viewers on immersive journeys full of compelling real-life tales. 

    Sit back and travel around the globe, one documentary at a time!

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