'New MMS ka order mila hai' : Raj Kundra chooses to ditch his mask after a long time, netizens start a troll fest

    Raj Kundra gets trolled by the netizens as he is spotted without a mask after a very long time. 

    Raj Kundra trolled

    Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra was spotted by the paparazzi last night in the city. However, what was different was that after a long time, Raj was seen ditching his infamous face mask which he always used to wear in front of the media ever since his alleged pornography case. Needless to say, while it might have been quite surprising for the shutterbugs, many netizens started a troll fest soon after that.

    Talking about the same, Raj Kundra was seen wearing a casual half-sleeved loose black tee with black pants and white sneakers. He paired up the look with sunglasses. The businessman, however, refrained from posing or acknowledging the paparazzi while he was being captured by them. He was quick to rush to his car and drive away. Take a look at the video.

    However, the netizens were quick to begin trolling Kundra as he was seen without the face mask after a long time. One of the netizens said, “Lagta h new mms ka order mila hai.... Pehli deal hai face to face hona zaruri hai.” Another user added, “Mask to nikal gaya lekin , abhi bhi camera say nazar chura raha hey . Kya karey kaam he ehsa Kiya hey.” Another netizen referred to him as, “Besharam insaan.” A user further wrote, “Muh Dikhane layak ban Gaya ab?” while another netizen went on to say, “Seems his COVID is over now, hope he doesn't continue his bad business which his wife has no qualms about.”

    A user however defended Raj Kundra against the brutal trolling. The comment read, “People r still going on abt the porn thing...good lord..these r the same people who watch porn and now shaming him for making porn...as long as he did not kidnap someone and forced to them make porn or make underage girls make porn, I don't see what the problems is..it may not be a immoral business but it is still a business and u guys who watch them r the reason the businesses even exist...so before shaming the businessmen for making porn, how about you stop watching it first and the businesses will die anyway coz they won't be able to generate any money from u.” Raj was last spotted at his sister-in-law Shamita Shetty’s birthday bash wherein he was trolled for wearing a helmet-like mask.