Orry cradles Deepika Padukone's baby bump as Ranveer Singh looks on; find out all about it here

    Orry takes to social media and posts a super cute pic of him with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone as he cradles her baby bump!

    Orry cradles Deepika Padukone's baby bump as Ranveer Singh looks on

    Orry cradles Deepika Padukone's baby bump as Ranveer Singh looks on

    The social media sensation Orry, till date, remains a ‘mystery’ that is yet to be solved… or rather … ‘decoded’! Even though no one actually knows his exact profession, everyone is privy to the fact that Orry is definitely the destiny’s chosen one who has got first-hand access to almost all the celebrities. In other words, Orry is someone who is ‘famous for being famous’!

    Well… Orry’s connections and acquaintances with the Bollywood celebrities is well known to one and all by now. The latest update about Orry and his ‘celeb-pose’ are none other than Ranveer Singh and his stunning actress wife Deepika Padukone, both of whom are super excited about their baby.

    Orry recently posted an extremely cute pic of him with the parents-to-be viz., the stunning Deepika Padukone and her superstar hubby Ranveer Singh. On his part, Orry was seen cradling Deepika Padukone's baby bump and captioned it as ‘infinity’symbol! All three of them were seen posing for the camera!

    As for Ranveer Singh, he was looking spectacular in the designer sherwani, there was Orry who was looking at his best as always with his embroidered kurta. The showstopper (or should we say, ‘the scene stopper’) was however, the super dazzling Deepika Padukone, who was looking like a million bucks in her violet-coloured sari, which was complementing her earrings and her necklace to a ‘t’.

    Within minutes of Orry posting the said pic on social media, there was an array of fans and followers who took to the comments section and poured out their compliments for the parents to be Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. One user wrote, ‘I mean… come on. There is a limit to being lucky. Orry has surpassed all the limits. He is an epitome of being lucky and super lucky. How on earth does he get to be so close to celebs like DP and RS and also pose with them! Dear God, this is just not fair. Make us also as lucky as him, if not more’!

    Another user wrote, ‘Just look at the grace and charm of Deepika Padukone, who is always supported by her ‘always-by-your-side’ husband Ranveer Singh. I am sure that the baby will be as naughty as papa Ranveer and as stunning as mummy Deepika’!