Parthiban on Teenz clashing with Indian 2: 'I'm not afraid because...'

    Parthiban's Teez is set to clash with Kamal Haasan's Indian 2. Despite the significant competition, Parthiban remains undeterred. 

    Teenz vs Indian 2 at the box office.

    Teenz vs Indian 2 at the box office.

    Seasoned actor-filmmaker Parthiban is not worried about releasing his next directorial venture, Teenz, on the same day as Indian 2, starring Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan. "People with money are afraid of losing it. But I am not afraid because I don't have it," he said.

    Parthiban noted that he was advised by many "well-wishers" against taking such a huge risk by clashing his small-budget movie with a big production like Indian 2. "People create so many problems to prevent a small film from releasing against a big film," Parthiban told Cinema Vikatan.

    Parthiban revealed that Teenz's distributor, Sakthi Film Factory, tried to convince him to postpone the release. However, he decided to release the film despite the unfavourable odds. He mentioned that he has been waiting for the right date to release it in cinemas for a year now. If he misses July 12, he will be forced to wait for another holiday.

    "If the big film is going to play on 900 screens, I will get 100-odd screens. And within that number of screens, I need to prove myself. But that's my problem," he added.

    Parthiban expressed faith in Teenz and its ability to strike a chord with family audiences. He hopes that the spill-over crowd from Indian 2 might purchase tickets for Teenz.

    "I have put my sincere efforts into this film. I have made a film in a different genre. Indian 2 and Teenz have no connection. The distributor told me that if Teenz were a movie like Pudhea Paadhai or Ulle Veliye, we could clash. This is meant for the family audience, and so is Indian 2. I told them, 'Let everyone go to that movie on the first day. When they don't get tickets for Indian 2, people may come to Teenz,'" he added.