KRK’s dig at Pathaan backfires after CBFC orders changes, Shah Rukh Khan fans vouch to make it a blockbuster

    The CBFC has asked the Shaha Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan to undergo changes in its teaser and the song 'Besharam Rang.' KRK has thus taken a dig at the film. 

    Pathaan changes

    Pathaan changes

    After numerous controversies ahead of its release on January 25, 2023, the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) has suggested some changes to the teaser as well as the song ‘ Besharam Rang ’ from Pathaan . From some dialogues in the teaser to close-up shots in the song, the movie is expected to undergo some changes. Film critic KRK who has been taking many digs at the Shah Rukh Khan starrer once again took to his social media handle to target the film after this news.

    According to a news report in Times Now, the word RAW has been asked to replace with Hamare while the track ‘Besharam Rang’ has also been asked to cut down some sensual dance moves. In totality, the film has been recommended around 10 cuts by the CBFC. The changes suggested are to make Langde Lule to Toote Foote, Ashok Chakra to Veer Puraskar, ex-KGB to ex-SBU, and Mrs. Bharatmata to Hamari Bharatmata.

    Apart from this, scotch has to be replaced with drink, and a message that states ‘Black Prison Russia’ has to be replaced with Black Prison. The word PM has also been asked to replace with President or Minister with the word PMO to be dropped in 13 places. Coming to ‘Besharam Rang’ the close-up shots of the buttocks, side poses in a bikini, and some overly sensual moves especially the twerking movement during the lyrics ‘Bohot hi tang kiya’ have to be replaced with more appropriate shots.

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    Taking a jibe at these replacements, Kamaal R Khan shared a picture of the notice form from the CBFC listing these replacements. The Deshdrohi actor tweeted, “This is the proof, Ki censor board Ne release Hone se Pahle Hi #Pathaan Ki Waat Lagadi. CB forced makers to replace #Raw word everywhere.”

    However, KRK's dig at Pathaan heavily backfired as he was trolled mercilessly by the fans. A fan stated, “bhai kuch bhi bol lo blockbuster hai already.” Another netizen added, "Issko ab koi b Hadi nahi dalta very poor man @KRK." A fan went on to say, "Kitni gandi shakal hai teri." A netizen further added, "KRK tuh dekta reh jayega, Pathan pelta jayega." Talking about Pathaan, the film has been helmed by Siddharth Anand. It also stars John Abraham as the main antagonist.