Payal Rohatgi feels Mandana Karimi shouldn't waited till #MeToo to out Sajid Khan's wrong doings: 'I didn't play the victim card '

    Payal Rohatgi feels Mandana Karimi shouldn't waited till #MeToo to out Sajid Khan's wrong doings: 'I didn't play the victim card '

    Payal Rohatgi has shared her thoughts on Sajid Khan's controversial Bigg Boss 16 entry, taken a jibe at Mandana Karimi for quitting Bollywood because of this. 


    Sajid Khan ’s entry into the Bigg Boss 16 house has mad ethe season’s opening one of the most controversial ones yet. The filmmaker who lost out on all work opportunities after his name cropped up in Bollywood’s Me Too movement has now attempting to turn a fresh leaf in his career but his participation has been opposed by many.

    While the industry is divided on Sajid’s participation on Bigg Boss 16, there’s a section of the audience and celebrities calling for the show’s boycott for housing a Me Too offender. After several celebrities have spoken their mind on the matter, former Bigg Boss contestant, Payal Rohatgi has shared her thoughts and extended support to Sajid.

    Payal penned her thoughts on Sajid Khan’s entry on Bigg Boss 16 in an Instgaram story on Friday and said that he has the right to reform and to earn a living. She further took a jibe at actress Mandana Karimi who has decided to quit Bollywood after Sajid was allowed by the showrunners on Bigg Boss, the show she has also previously been a part of.

    She has now explained her further and added when she was misbehaved with a director she didn’t wait for Me Too to voice the wrong. She suggested through her new post that Mandana should have done the same.

    She wrote, “When a Film director misbehaved with me, I spoke about it in 2011 & not waited till #MeToo to begin. When wrong happens talk about it there and then. Bollywood supported the director by giving him work. I didnt play #victim card but I explored opportunities in reality tv and television. I didn't #quit the industry but I looked for better opportunities. So that's why my support to #sajidkhan participation. I don't endorse his wrong. But then everyone has their own destiny and #RightToLive”

    Payal on Friday wrote, “Sajid Khan has done wrong with 6 women as they narrated publicly. He has been reprimanded by all and publicly humiliated for his actions. Now the 6 women can take him to court. But let me put it on record when even murderers have been given the right to reform by the values of Mahatma Gandhi then here even Sajid Khan has the right to live. He has the right to earn money. He has the right to repent."

    Without naming Mandana, Payal further wrote, "Let him fight for his right. You oppose him but don’t do the drama of quitting Bollywood.”

    Sajid Khan was publicly accused by 9 women in 2018 on accounts of sexual harassment and abuse. The filmmaker is all set to make a comeback in Bollywood after his Bigg Boss stint with a film titled 100% starring Shehnaaz Gill, John Abraham, Riteish Deshmukh and Nora Fatehi.