Revisit Aubrey Plaza's striking insights on her LGBT following and her love for musicals

    Flashback to Aubrey Plaza's heartfelt appreciation for her LGBT following and her dreams of starring in a Broadway musical.

    <p>Aubrey Plaza (Source: People)</p>

    In the light of 2016, Aubrey Plaza sat down to candidly discuss her roles, aspirations, and the intimate ties she holds with the LGBT community. "I feel like I operate in an old-school way that only gays truly understand," she shared, her words resonating even today as a beacon of inclusion and understanding.

    Embracing the Unconventional

    Aubrey Plaza's presence in the industry, from her times on NBC's Parks and Recreation to her humor-filled role in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, has always been marked by her effortless uniqueness. She opened up about her connections with the LGBT community, "My family's always been very open. I have a gay aunt and a gay uncle, and I grew up thinking that everyone had a gay aunt or uncle."

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    A Love for Musicals and Dreams of Broadway

    In the conversation, Aubrey's passion for the stage shone bright. Her aspirations were not veiled as she expressed a heartfelt desire to star in a Broadway musical, specifically a revival of Gypsy with Megan Mullally. "It's actually a dream of mine to be in a musical on Broadway," Plaza admitted. The ambition, akin to a glimmering marquee sign, still holds a place in the actress's heart as fans ardently wait for the dream to unfold.

    Looking back, her insights into her roles echo the humor and down-to-earth personality she is renowned for. Aubrey joked about sending casual shirtless pics of Zac Efron from the set to one of her friends, a quirk that effortlessly aligns with her known and loved persona. Amid her roles filled with tans, bikinis, and parties, her connection to her characters reveals a layered understanding and embrace of diverse life perspectives.

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    Her authentic and open-minded approach to her roles, from a lesbian Krav Maga instructor to voicing Grumpy Cat, showcases her versatility and commitment to bringing depth to her characters. "I fall in love with girls and guys. I can't help it," she honestly stated, further highlighting her inclusive perspective that transcends her on-screen presence.

    Reflecting today, Plaza's past revelations mirror her ongoing journey, a path marked by authenticity, a bond with the LGBT community, and a continual chase of her Broadway dreams. Aubrey Plaza’s love and respect for the diverse spectrum of humanity continue to resonate, marking her as a distinctive and beloved figure in the entertainment world.

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