Salman Khan wanted to meet Vicky Kaushal after alleged cold shoulder video went viral? Here’s what we know

    Vicky Kaushal cleared the air about his viral video with Salman Khan from IIFA 2023, while the latter let his actions speak. But Bhaijaan was extremely upset

    Salman Khan wanted to meet Vicky Kaushal after alleged cold shoulder video went viral? Here’s what we know

    Last week when a majority of Bollywood celebrities jetted off to Abu Dhabi to attend IIFA 2023, a video from the press conference went viral on social media. This clip featured Vicky Kaushal, who was pushed aside by Salman Khan’s security team as Bollywood’s Bhaijaan made his way through the crowd. This received mixed reactions from netizens, with some asking if Salman’s security team would treat his good friend and Vicky’s wife Katrina Kaif the same way. Vicky later clarified that things were not as they seemed and soon another video of Salman greeting him with a hug on the green carpet took the internet by storm.

    While Vicky cleared the air, Salman’s actions spoke louder than words. However, an insider has now revealed that Bhaijaan was quite upset with how the video was perceived. In a report shared by India Today, the source shared that Salman and Vicky had already had a moment backstage where they greeted one another pleasantly. Later, when the video was shot, the two tried to talk but Salman’s security team quickly took him through the crowd because of a protocol arrangement. The reason behind the high security is known by all– death threats that Salman and his family have received.

    The source was further quoted saying, “This is not the first time Salman and Vicky have met. They have a cordial relationship and Vicky always gives him respect and addresses him as a senior. So, it was awkward for both of them when the video went viral. Salman even asked his team to check if he could meet Vicky and clear out any air, hence when he saw him on the carpet he went and hugged him in front of the entire media to clear any confusion.”

    Well, their green carpet hug was enough to put rumours to rest which alleged that Salman gave Vicky a cold shoulder. It’s all good you guys!