Salman Khan's police statement on firing outside his home - ' Woke up to...'

    In his police statement, Salman Khan revealed that he was fast asleep and woke up to loud sounds of bullets on the day of the gunshot incident

    <p>Salman Khan</p>

    Salman Khan

    Bollywood actor Salman Khan has opened up about the shocking firing incident that took place outside his Mumbai home last month. According to reports, two people hired by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi fired gunshots outside the actor’s residence. Speaking about the incident, Salman, in his statement to the police, said that he was asleep when the incident took place. The loud sound of gunshots woke him up.

    Salman Khan’s statement to the police

    In his statement, Salman said that he had slept late the previous night after attending a party. He added that the sound of the bullets woke him up and when he stepped outside onto the balcony, he could not see anything.

    Salman’s brother, actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan, was inside the house the night of the incident and revealed that he was aware of the past threats given by Lawrence Bishnoi to his brother. Salman’s father, writer Salim Khan, also gave a statement that was not recorded because of his age.

    In his statement, Arbaaz said, “Earlier, someone left a threatening note that was found outside our house and Bishnoi gang members conducted a recce at our Panvel farmhouse. This is the third incident, and the police should take it seriously.”

    Arbaaz Khan’s Instagram post

    Arbaaz had issued a public statement on behalf of his family a few days after the incident on his Instagram handle. He wrote, "The recent incident of firing by two unidentified persons in a motorcycle at Galaxy Apartment the residence of the Salim Khan family is very disturbing and unnerving. Our family has been taken aback by this shocking incident that took place.”

    Six men have been arrested in the case. While Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal were arrested in Gujarat, Anuj Thapan and another man were detained in Punjab on April 26. Anuj Thapan died in police custody.

    The police reported that international gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had conspired to attack Salman Khan's car at his farmhouse in Maharashtra's Panvel. With the help of his Canada-based cousin Anmol Bishnoi and associate Goldie Brar, Lawrence had reportedly acquired AK-47s, M-16s, and other high-calibre weapons from a Pakistani arms dealer to attack Salman’s car.