Sonakshi Sinha meets Zaheer Iqbal’s mother, father and sister; pic goes viral!

    With just a few days remaining for her wedding, Sonakshi Sinha was spotted meeting Zaheer Iqbal’s mother and father

    Sonakshi Sinha meets Zaheer Iqbal’s mother and father

    Sonakshi Sinha meets Zaheer Iqbal’s mother and father

    Since the last few days, there have been just two names which have been buzzing all over. They are none other than Sonakshi Sinha meets Zaheer Iqbal. The reason? They are practically all over the place (be it media or social media… everywhere!) because of their upcoming wedding. Even though there has been no official confirmation from either Sonakshi Sinha or Zaheer Iqbal, the news about their wedding is gaining momentum with each passing day. For the unversed, Sonakshi Sinha meets Zaheer Iqbal’s wedding is set to take place on June 23.

    With just a few days remaining for her wedding, it now seems that the bride-to-be Sonakshi Sinha is spending time with her would-be-in-laws aka parents of Zaheer Iqbal. This time round, it was Zaheer Iqbal’s sister Iqbal Ratnasi who took to social media and shared a few pics which mirrored the rock-solid bonding between Sonakshi Sinha and her (would-be) in-laws, which included Zaheer’s mother, father and sister.

    Zaheer Iqbal aka the would-be groom was seen standing amidst his mother and sister Sanam Ratansi. For the uninitiated, Sanam Ratansi happens to be a top-of-the-line celebrity stylist and also the very person who has, to her credit, of having styled most of the actors in the recently released OTT magnum opus Heeramandi, which was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

    For the still-clueless, let us tell you that, Sonakshi Sinha and her rumoured boyfriend are all set to get married. Speaking about their marriage, their ‘digital-wedding invite’ had leaked on social media recently. The said invitation card was home to a QR code and also a verbal invite from the soon-to-be-husband-wife Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal.

    In the digital card, one can hear Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal saying, ““To all our hip, tech-savvy and jaasus friends and family who have managed to land on this page, hiii. For the last seven years that we have been together, all the joy, love, laughter and many, many adventures has led us to this very moment”.

    They continued, “The moment where go from being each other’s rumoured girlfriend and boyfriend to being each other’s definite and official husband and wife. Finally! This celebration will not be complete without you so drop whatever you’re doing on the 23rd of June and come party with us. See you there”.