Sonakshi Sinha shares intimate details about her wedding through BTS pictures with Zaheer Iqbal

    Sonakshi Sinha has just shared unseen pictures from her wedding with Zaheer Iqbal on social media

    Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal

    Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal

    Sonakshi Sinha got married to her longtime boyfriend, Zaheer Iqbal, in a civil ceremony on June 23. In attendance were their friends and family. This was followed by a grand celebration at Bastian, Mumbai. Sonakshi had earlier shared pictures from her ivory coloured civil marriage. Now, the actress has shared unseen pictures from the grand celebration at Bastain.

    Sonakshi Sinha’s unseen wedding pictures

    Sharing unseen pictures from her wedding, Sonakshi wrote individual notes for each photo. She captioned the post, “A wedding can be chaotic… but you have to steal those moments in between, that will stay with you forever.”

    The first and second pictures feature Sonakshi and Zaheer against a white background. Sonakshi wrote, “Pic 1&2: being filmy and making our own music (since 2017), here in the midst of getting our wedding photos clicked!! Pic 1 is now my wallpaper.”

    The third and fourth pictures are of Sonakshi getting ready. She is dressed in a red saree for the party. She captioned the pictures, “Pic 3&4: hero watching his heroine get ready for her dream role. And since theres too much peace in the process… of course he HAS to disrupt it by saying something silly to make her laugh.”

    The fifth picture is of Sonakshi and Zaheer looking at each other in an elevator, listening to a voice note from Shah Rukh Khan. About the picture, she wrote, “Pic 5: listening to a voice note from his all time favorite SRK (see pic 1 for reference), sending us both so much love and good wishes for the big day… i think this was the highlight of @iamzahero’s day.”

    When Sonakshi got teary-eyed

    The sixth picture is about Zaheer giving Sonakshi a peck on the cheek. She wrote, “Pic 6&7: ever heard of a bride who got ready before her groom? No?? Well, here you go. Bride also cried looking at herself in Sindoor for the first time!!!.”

    The eighth is of Sonakshi getting teary-eyed after looking at herself with sindoor on. She wrote, “Pic 8: since bride was ready, she went to admire groom from afar who still wasnt. I remember telling @sam_and_ekta who are the geniuses behind capturing all these moments “isnt he supposed to be admiring me like this while i get ready?!?” There was a collective nod from everyone present in the room.”

    The 9th and 10th pictures feature the couple walking home, looking at the city of Mumbai. She wrote, “Pic 9&10: a minute to breath and take a walk around the home we will build together.”

    Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal got married in a civil marriage on June 23 after dating for seven years.