Star Wars Trilogy Alert: 'Jedi Survivor' Gears Up for a Third Installment!

    Rumblings of a Star Wars: Jedi Survivor trilogy have fans on edge! Director Stig Asmussen hints at an epic conclusion to Cal Kestis's story. The force is stirring!

    <p>Source: NPR</p>

    Source: NPR

    Throwback to that electrifying moment when Stig Asmussen, the genius behind Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, hinted at a thrilling addition to the saga. As reported by IGN, Asmussen's ambitious dreams might just catapult Cal Kestis into the triple threat territory!

    Sequels, Sequels Everywhere
    Back when Jedi: Fallen Order hadn’t even graced our screens in 2019, the buzz of its sequel, Jedi: Survivor, was already in the corridors of Respawn Entertainment. Asmussen revealed, “We were already talking about the second game”, hinting that their gaze was not just limited to one sequel but a potential trilogy. Intriguing conversations with Lucasfilm surfaced, stirring questions about the saga's future direction.

    The Trilogy Temptation
    Stig wasn’t just content with continuing Cal's story; he wanted it to be legendary. With an emphasis on the plot's trajectory, he shared, "I always wanted to see this as a trilogy," signaling the grandeur of what’s in store for the Star Wars fandom. Their vision for Survivor was clear: stakes, tone, challenges, and the crew's significant role. Asmussen hinted at the exciting possibilities, saying, "And there's ideas of what we could do beyond that as well."

    The Unreal Evolution
    The Star Wars: Jedi Survivor director didn’t just stop at the plot; he delved into the technicalities, suggesting that the third game might switch gears with the Unreal Engine 5. Saying goodbye to Survivor's Unreal Engine 4 might not be a cakewalk, but as Asmussen confidently asserted, "I think it's a pretty safe assumption," indicating their readiness to embrace the challenge.

    From Dreams to Reality
    Before the galaxy gets another sequel, Jedi: Survivor made its anticipated landing on April 28. This sequel, already lauded for its enhancements, was poised to outdo its predecessor with new features like fast travel. IGN's preview captured its essence, saying, "Jedi: Survivor feels grander without ever letting the burgeoning scope compromise the exploration and sense of discovery that serves as its heart."

    It's safe to say, the force is undoubtedly potent with Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Cal Kestis's saga beckons, and we're all ears, eyes, and every excited nerve!

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