Thalavan on OTT: Biju Menon-Asif Ali's cop thriller sets new record with delayed streaming release

    The Malayalam film industry is shifting away from its pandemic-era reliance on streaming platforms. Filmmakers are now prioritizing extended theatrical runs, with recent movies like Thalavan delaying their digital debuts to maximize box office success.

    <p>Thalavan poster</p>

    Thalavan poster

    The Malayalam film industry is reversing a trend that gained strength in the wake of the pandemic. Filmmakers are trying to reduce dependence on streaming platforms to secure investments, opting instead for extended theatrical runs for new Malayalam movies.

    Thalavan is the latest movie to join the growing list of films making a delayed debut on streaming . SonyLIV has secured the digital rights to the movie, but Thalavan won't become available for streaming until September. It was first released in cinemas on May 24 and will stay out of streaming for more than 15 weeks, setting a new record.

    The streaming platform recently confirmed this news while revealing its release calendar for new Malayalam movies. In the last few years, it became common for new Malayalam movies to debut on OTT platforms within four weeks of their theatrical release. However, this trend is slowly reversing, with Malayalam superstar Mammootty leading the change.

    Mammootty has opted to delay the streaming release of the movies he produces, including his latest movie Turbo, championing theatres as the primary venue to experience new movies. With streaming platforms becoming selective in buying rights to new movies before their release, Malayalam filmmakers are encouraged to devise strategies to make profits.

    Since the start of 2024, almost all Malayalam movies have found success at the box office, relying less on non-theatrical revenue. It seems Malayalam filmmakers are trying to regain control by making movies that inspire audiences to experience them on the big screen.

    "Thalavan" is one of the well-reviewed Malayalam movies of 2024. The cop thriller is directed by Jis Joy and stars Biju Menon and Asif Ali in the lead roles.