'There's no one better to do it' Chris Evans praises Anthony Mackie's performance as Captain America

    In a recent interview, the actor broke his silence regarding Anthony Mackie taking over the mantle of Captain America.


    Chris Evans is promoting his upcoming movie Lightyear. An animated movie by Pixar on the life of space ranger Buzz Lighter who would go on to be the inspiration for the toy.

    The actor who officially retired from the role of Captain America in Avengers: End Game, is more than thrilled at Anthony Mackie taking over the reins.

    Mackie played the role in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and will be playing the lead in the upcoming Captain America 4 .

    During an interview with Yahoo, Chris Evans talked about his support and appreciation for Mackie and praised his performance.

    "There's no one better to do it. I mean, he honest does it justice," Evans continued "I'm so proud of him. I can't wait to see what they do in the future with it. But if there's any tear shed [about the role], it's just for the sweet memories I had."

    Captain America 4 is currently in production with Nate Moore serving as one of the producers when asked about the new movie during the ComicBook.com's Phase Zero podcast.

    he said "I think, he's not Steve Rogers and I think that's a good thing, Because, to me, this new Cap is Rocky. He's going to be the underdog in any situation. He's not a super-soldier. He's not a hundred years old. He doesn't have the Avengers. What happens with this guy who announces publicly kind of, without the support, 'I'm new Captain America.' What happens next?

    "I think is fascinating because he's a guy. He's a guy with wings and a shield, but he is a guy. So, we're going to put him through the wringer and make him earn it, and see what happens when he is outweighed, outclassed, out-everything. What makes somebody Captain America? I'm going to argue it's not being a super-soldier. And I think we're going to prove that with Mackie and Sam Wilson."

    Candian filmmaker Kari Skogland who also directed a few episodes of Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be helming the movie, with a screenplay written by Malcolm Spellman.

    Both War Machine played by Don Cheadle and Helmut Zemo played by Daniel Brühl is said to play a vital role in the fourth installment in the Captain America franchise.

    Lightyear is directed by Angus MacLane and features the voices of Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, James Brolin, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, and Uzo Aduba.

    The movie will hit theaters on June 17th.