Throwback to 2013: When Ben Affleck's Batman era sparked outrage and applause

    Rewinding to 2013, when Ben Affleck's Batman debut divided fans. Despite controversy, Hollywood's elite threw support behind the new Dark Knight.

    Ben Affleck

    Batman - the very name evokes a sense of nostalgia, darkness, and iconic heroism. And back in 2013, the mask of Gotham's guardian took a dramatic turn when Ben Affleck stepped into those formidable shoes.

    To Bat or Not to Bat: The Affleck Dilemma

    August 2013 saw a bombshell drop in Tinseltown: Affleck was revealed as the newest Batman, destined to appear alongside Henry Cavill's Superman in an upcoming sequel. However, Gotham's fanbase was sharply divided. Over 77,000 signatures were slapped onto a petition, clamoring for Warner Bros to rethink their casting choice.

    Despite the uproar, the buzz hinted at an even deeper commitment from the studio. "Sources say that Affleck has been signed for multiple movies," stated the Hollywood Reporter, highlighting how tightly this news was held that even industry insiders were kept in the dark.

    Hollywood's Response: A Mixed Bat-Signal

    With fans on the fence, Hollywood's heavyweights weighed in. Marvel's maestro, Joss Whedon, took to Twitter, proclaiming: "Affleck'll crush it. He's got the chops, he's got the chin – just needs the material. Affleck and [Henry] Cavill toe to toe – I'm in." Former Bat-legends, Val Kilmer and Adam West, also joined the chorus of support, suggesting that perhaps this Dark Knight had more depth than skeptics believed.

    But the ripples didn't stop there. Amidst the Affleck-centric cyclone, rumors emerged that Christopher Nolan, the mind behind the revolutionary Dark Knight trilogy, might be stepping away from his Man of Steel 2 executive producer role. Was this the end of an era? Or the start of a new Batman chapter?

    While we now know how the Affleck Batman chapters played out, it's delightful to reminisce about the rollercoaster of reactions, hopes, and speculations that once held the world in suspense. Gotham might be a fictional city, but its heroes, controversies, and stories remain forever etched in our collective consciousness.

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