Ullozhukku teaser promo: Here’s why netizens are hailing Prashanth Murali’s character from the Parvathy-starrer

    A short glimpse from the teaser of Parvathy and Urvashi’s upcoming film Ullozhukku has been released. Check it out here



    The makers of Parvathy Thiruvothu and Urvashi’s upcoming film Ullozhukku shared an intriguing promo of the teaser. The new promo features Parvathy’s character, a newlywed bride, being instructed by the wedding photographer to pose with her new husband, played by Prashanth Murali. Parvathy and Prashanth Murali are seated in a boat on the backwaters of Kerala's Kuttanad district. Although they look awkward posing together, it is one gesture of Prashanth that has won the hearts of many.

    What Prashanth Murali’s character does in Ullozhukku teaser promo

    What exactly does he do? Well, when the photographer instructs Prashanth to put his hand over Parvathy’s shoulders, he asks for her consent before doing so. This subtle action of seeking consent has caught the attention of viewers, who are praising the character.


    One user wrote, “Aww, the fact that he asked for her permission before holding her is soooooooooo sweet. I don’t know anything else about this movie or the characters, but that single thing made me want to watch this movie!”

    While we are not sure what characters Prashanth and Parvathy play in the film, it is clear that Ullozhuku is going to be an intriguing watch. The makers captioned the teaser promo post, “What are the secrets lurking beneath these smiles?” This sure has us intrigued.

    The makers also announced that the full teaser will be released on June 6, 2024. 


    More about Ullozhuku

    Directed by Christo Tomy, Ullozhukku is a drama that has themes of deceit and its impact on familial bonds. The film is the story of a family residing in Kuttanad, Kerala, who are forced to postpone the burial of a close member due to heavy rains and flooding. In the meantime, a number of secrets surface that affect the family's unity and trust. Christo Tomy was the director of the popular true crime show Curry and Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case, which is streaming on Netflix.

    Besides the lead cast, the movie also stars actors Shebin Benson, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Veena Nair, and Alencier Ley Lopez in pivotal roles. Recently, the makers announced that the Parvathy and Urvashi-starrer will hit the big screens on June 21, 2024.