Unearthed secrets! Did Todd Howard secretly tease the Indiana Jones game?"

    Looking back at Todd Howard's endearing fanboy moments which might have sneakily hinted at the launch of the Indiana Jones game.

    <p>Source: NPR</p>

    Source: NPR

    Before the global fandom went abuzz with the announcement of the Indiana Jones game, there were quiet whispers in the wind. Whispers that, for the keen observer, sang songs of Todd Howard's unadulterated love for Indiana Jones.

    When Passion Meets Profession

    "He owns a lot of cool Indiana Jones stuff." Pete Hines’ casual tweet about Todd's Indy love might seem just like a fun tidbit, but is it possible there was more to the story than met the eye? If you had been meticulously observing Howard's background during his Zoom interview with Geoff Keighley in late 2020, you'd have caught a little Easter egg. A nod to the fandom, the Ark and Idol from the iconic Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark were nonchalantly placed. A mere coincidence? Or a cheeky hint dropped for the eagle-eyed?

    But of course, it wasn't Howard's first rodeo with the allure of dropping hints. "There's little chance anyone would have connected those dots," but it’s reminiscent of the likes of Phil Spencer, leaving little teases in the background.

    Indiana Jones: The Game & Beyond

    But why all the fuss about a simple Indiana Jones game? Because this wasn't just any game. Set during the pinnacle of Indiana Jones' thrilling career, this game was introduced as the vanguard of the rejuvenated Lucasfilm Games brand, beckoning a new era.

    Developed by MachineGames, known for their laudable work on Wolfenstein: The New Order, expectations were sky-high. And with Howard’s well-documented obsession with the franchise, it was as if the stars had perfectly aligned.

    Howard’s nostalgia-driven passion seamlessly blending with his profession was a delight. Pete Hines said it best, "Todd is a lifelong Indy fan, and has been trying for over a decade to make this game." And for the fans, well, it was a dream come true.

    In hindsight, it's delightful to wonder if Howard's love for Indy was just the passion of a fanboy or the silent whisper of an impending storm in the gaming universe.

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