Vijay Sethupathi says he's done playing 'villain.' What about Mammootty's Turbo sequel?

    The question is, what impact will Vijay Sethupathi's decision have on the Turbo sequel?

    Vijay Sethupathi

    Vijay Sethupathi

    Tamil star Vijay Sethupathi is known for taking risks in his choice of characters. From playing a transgender role to embodying a quintessential evil man, Sethupathi has done it all. His performance in antagonist roles has its own fan base and has contributed significantly to the success of many movies in the past.

    Sethupathi has become a go-to star for casting in villain roles opposite big stars. However, the days of playing the bad guy to make another star look good seem to be over. In an interview, he revealed that he has decided not to accept villain roles in movies led by other stars.

    “This is because I’ve had some good and bad experiences in the Indian film industry. When you sign on a film with another star, you obviously know what you are signing on for in terms of the role. But sometimes, no matter how hard you’ve worked and done well, there’s very minimal value given to this at the end of the day. You contribute to the film as much as the star, but no one talks about it," Sethupathi told Hindustan Times.

    Recently, Sethupathi shared screen space with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan. Written and directed by Atlee, Sethupathi played the textbook villain. His performance, particularly his comfort speaking Hindi lines, received praise from audiences and critics alike.

    In another interview, Sethupathi claimed that he had a "fantastic experience" playing antagonist roles. However, that phase in his career seems to have come to an end. It's also safe to assume that taking on such supporting roles may hurt movies where he plays the lead.

    The question is, what impact will Sethupathi's decision have on the Turbo sequel? Starring Mammootty in the lead role, Turbo was released in cinemas last month. Kannada actor-filmmaker Raj B. Shetty played the villain in the movie, which has become a big hit at the box office. However, Sethupathi makes a voice cameo suggesting that in the sequel he will bring the war to the doorsteps of Mammootty's Turbo Jose.

    It remains to be seen whether Sethupathi will make an exception for the Mammootty starrer or if the Malayalam filmmakers will be forced to find a new actor to replace him.