'We do not have any choice..' : Shah Rukh Khan on his family having dinners together and how wife Gauri turned interior designer for Mannat

    Shah Rukh Khan speaks on the number one rule at his home and how his wife Gauri Khan started interior designing with Mannat itself 

    Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan

    Gauri Khan recently launched her book cover table titled ‘My Life In Design’ in a grand event which was also attended by her husband and superstar Shah Rukh Khan . On the occasion, the actor was also all praises for his lovely wife and recalled how she had started her tryst with interior designing by designing their home Mannat for the first time. He also spoke about a rule at their house wherein everyone has to eat their meals together.

    Talking about the same, Shah Rukh Khan said at the event, “We have dinners at home. We don't have any choice in that. We have to have dinner together. On those dinners, we discuss how was your day at work? At the end of the dinner, the discussion is, it was a satisfying dinner because [Gauri] believes a satisfying day is a happy day."

    Apart from this, Shah Rukh Khan’s tale of how his wife Gauri Khan turned designer is also very interesting. The megastar recalled how he and Gauri had purchased Mannat when they had managed to save a lot of money but then they had no resources for designing it. The Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge actor said, “We didn’t realize that Mumbai has a whole system where apartments are more expensive. We were not used to it. We used to live in the house next to Taj, which was my director’s house. Whenever we mustered some money, we said let’s buy one house. Then we managed to buy. Then we didn’t have money to furnish it.”

    He further said, “Of course, we called one designer. The lunch that he served us was telling us how he’ll design this house was way more than the salary I used to earn in a month. So we thought now that we’ve bought it, how do we do this house? Then I said, ‘See Gauri, you have the artistic talent, why don’t you become the designer of the house?’ Mannat started like that. With the money that we earned over the years, we kept on buying small things. Once we had little money and we bought a leather fur sofa and all the small things we used to buy.”

    The proud husband hinted that from there, Gauri Khan’s passion for interior design was born. He concluded by saying, “t took us a while and that led her to start designing. Starting early without a designer helped her to learn. One thing to the other, she kept on designing stuff. For me, it's very nice that I don’t have to look for another designer. I think I can scream and shout at her that ‘This is not very nice, change this. Just joking’. It is just easier.”

    Talking about Gauri Khan’s book, it talks about her journey as a celebrated interior designer. The coffee table book will also have some unseen pictures from their house Mannat. A few days ago, the photoshoot of the family for the book had also gone viral on social media.