What! Ameesha Patel was a ‘ghost director’ on Gadar 2?

    Helmed by Anil Sharma, Gadar 2 starred Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel and was one of the biggest hits of 2023

    Ameesha Patel

    Ameesha Patel

    Ameesha Patel made her comeback to acting with Anil Sharma’s Gadar 2, which turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2023. Speaking about her experience of shooting Gadar 2, Ameesha revealed that she and her co-star, Sunny Deol, were “semi-ghost directors” of the film. Taking credit for the final product, Ameesha said that the director of the film, Anil Sharma, had a hidden agenda and the actors were involved in a lot of editing and reshooting to make the film what it turned out to be.

    Ameesha Patel on being Gadar 2's ‘ghost director’

    During a chat with Bollywood Hungama, Ameesha revealed that she and her co-star, Sunny Deol, were not happy with the direction of Gadar 2. So, they got involved in a lot of corrections that were made in the film. She said, “There was a lot of creative discomfort that Sunny and I both had. And the journey was not an easy one. We both did a lot of editing and reshooting.”

    Ameesha called herself and Sunny "semi-ghost directors" of Gadar 2, as they gave a lot of creative input in the scenes, songs and even choreography. The actress added, “There was another hidden agenda that was with Mr. Anil Sharma. He was deviating from making Gadar.”

    Ameesha also credited her business partner, Kunal Goomer, for taking the film in the right direction. Ameesha said that before that, Gadar 2 was going to the ‘gutter.’ She said, “Kunal had to alert Sunny Deol that some things have gone wrong, so when he goes for the action schedule, he should please correct certain things.”

    Ameesha Patel on being part of Gadar 3

    Speaking about featuring in Gadar 3, Ameesha said that she would like to collaborate on the project only if her and Sunny’s roles are given enough screen time. The ending of Gadar 2 suggests that their son in the film will get married, so Ameesha said that she will not be playing a mother-in-law in the film.

    She said, “I will never play a mother-in-law, ever, not for Gadar brand, not for any other hero, producer, or director ever. I don't think this is a place for another person to enter. Definitely, I would not play a mother-in-law for Gadar or any other film. That's for sure.”

    Ameesha added that she played a mother for Gadar because she had complete conviction in the subject.