What to expect from Bridgerton season 4? Eloise’s adventures in Scotland or Benedict's love story

    Season four of the web series Bridgerton might reveal more information about Benedict finding a possible suitor or highlight Eloise’s adventures in Scotland or

    Bridgerton season 3

    Bridgerton season 3

    The second part of the third season of Bridgeton has dropped on Netflix. To say that it is the best part of the season till now would be an understatement as the latest episodes not only showcase the true passion of love but also make you want to immerse yourself in Penelope and Colin’s journey. The last episode of the second part moved rather swiftly revealing a lot of information and opening a lot of plotlines for the upcoming season. Here are some plotlines that can be highlighted in Bridgerton season 4.

    Bridgerton season 4 to explore Eloise’s adventures in Scotland?

    After Francesca and John Kilmartin revealed that they would be moving to Scotland after their marriage, Eloise asked if she could accompany them to the highlands. This has opened up a lot of options for Eloise as she sets out to explore the world and overcome multiple adventures. To say that the viewers would love to see another series showcasing Eloise’s adventures would be an understatement as I would be the first one to binge-watch it.

    Benedict might find a suitor

    In all the seasons till now, we have seen Benedict experimenting and exploring his options. He wants to be a free bird and is not sure if he agrees with the prospects of marriage. But the climax scenes show Benedict putting an end to his relationship with Tilley and moving forward. This might be an indication that Benedict is coming clean and might find somebody who challenges his notions about marriage. I would be delighted to see a potential match between Benedict and Banita Sandhu’s character in the next season who has just been playing a background character in the season till now.

    Penelope’s journey into motherhood

    The climax of the second part reveals that Penelope gave birth to a son, while her sisters had daughters, making her son the legitimate Featherington heir. In a voiceover, Penelope also reveals that she retires as Lady Whistledown and will enter her new journey which we think is motherhood. The next season will possibly showcase Colin and Penelope handling parental duties while pursuing their ambition to be published writers.