Which Bridgerton sibling will tie the knot in the 4th season? Find out here

    The makers of Bridgerton revealed that season 4 will not be released before 2026. Actor Luke Newton hinted at Benedict being the highlight of the next season

    Which Bridgerton sibling will tie the knot in the 4th season? Find out here

    Bridgerton is one of the most popular web series currently. Showcasing the lives of the Bridgerton siblings and their respective love stories, people have been awaiting the release of the latest seasons all over the world. While the second part of the third season is releasing soon on Netflix, anticipation is already building up for the next season as the stakes keep on rising with every new season.

    Speaking about the fourth season, the makers of Bridgerton said that it might take another two years for the new season to drop while remaining tight-lipped about the plot of the new season.

    Release date of Bridgerton Season 4

    Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the release date of the fourth season and the possible storyline of the next season, producer Jess Brownell said that they are trying their best to release seasons quickly. He said, “The seasons take 8 months to film, and then they have to be edited and dubbed into every language and the writing takes a very long time as well, so we’re kind of on a two-year pace. We’re trying to speed up but somewhere in that range.”

    Talking about the possible plot of the next season and which Bridgerton sibling is going to be the highlight of the fourth season, Jess remained tight-lipped. He said, “I have almost slipped up a couple of times, so keep asking, and maybe I’ll slip up.”

    Benedict Bridgerton to tie the knot in Season 4?

    There are speculations that Benedict could be the next Bridgerton sibling to tie the knot next season. Actor Luke Newton, who plays the role of Colin, hinted at Benedict’s story in an interview with L’Beaute Homme and said, “I love Benedict’s storyline this season. He is very free, and I think that is a very nice place to be on set. He is a free spirit and kind of a rebel. I can’t wait to see Benedict’s story next season.”

    Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 will be released on Netflix on June 13. It will further explore the love story of Colin and Penelope. Part 1 of Season 3 ended with Colin asking Penelope to marry him. Based on a novel written by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton stars Nicola Coughlan, Ruby Stokes, and Luke Newton, among others, and is created by Chris Van Dusen.