DC Studio head James Gunn reveals the most fan-requested addition to the DCEU

    DC Studio head James Gunn reveals the most fan-requested addition to the DCEU

    The filmmaker did a recent poll on social media, and the most requested new addition to the DCEU was Booster Gold.


    Since he was taken over as co-head of DC Studios, James Gunn has been asking fans how they feel about certain characters making their debut in the DCEU be it on the big screen on the small screen.

    And recently he asked fans who would they pick if they had a choice and the vast majority picked the superhero Booster Gold . The character has been rumored to join the DCEU since its inception and is a fan favorite so these recent results aren't that surprising.

    The director tweeted his response to the poll saying "Interestingly, Booster was the MOST requested character when I asked people on Mastodon what character they'd most like to see on screen, I'm not creating stories by public vote, but I found it fascinating nevertheless"

    For the uninitiated Booster Gold aka Michael Jon Carter is from the 25 century and is a former athlete who with the help of his robot sidekick Skeets steals artifacts used by heroes and villains of the 21st century and travels back in time to be a superhero and make money.

    Booster Gold is obsessed with fame and is shameless when it comes to self-promotion but despite this, he is a hero who has put himself on the line multiple times to save the day.

    He possesses various abilities thanks to the technology he stole from the 25 century and has superhuman strength, speed, and durability along with the power of flight and can even create powerful energy blasts.

    He is also known for his frequent collaboration with Blue Beetle and since there is already a Blue Beetle movie starring Xolo Maridueña in production we could hopefully see the two partner up in the future.

    There have been plenty of Booster Gold project announcements in the past including a Blue Beetle - Booster Gold team-up movie with many fans wanting actor Nathan Fillion to play the role but they were dropped.

    We will have to wait till the new heads of DC Studio unveil their plans for the future to find out more, hopefully, this recent poll helped Booster Gold get one step closer to his DCEU debut.