'It was like 85 pounds, it was so heavy' - The brutal reality behind Emily Blunt’s 'Edge of Tomorrow' suit!

    While filming 'Edge of Tomorrow', Emily Blunt revealed the hardships of wearing an 85-pound suit. Tom Cruise's advice to her was bold and direct, leaving fans eagerly waiting for a potential sequel.

    <p>Emily Blunt (Source: CNN)</p>

    Emily Blunt (Source: CNN)

    The Weight of Filming 'Edge of Tomorrow': Emily Blunt's Heavy Suit Struggles!

    As fans reminisce about the gripping cinematic experience of 'Edge of Tomorrow', a revelation by Emily Blunt, as reported by UPROXX, adds another layer of appreciation for the cast's dedication. Especially, when that layer weighs a whopping 85 pounds!

    Stepping into the Heavy Armor: The not-so-CGI reality behind the scenes

    “When you hear the word ‘tactile,’ you think that sounds nice and cozy,” Blunt remarked on the SmartLess podcast. But the reality was far from it. The "tactile" suit, which many would assume had been enhanced with CGI, was real and extremely cumbersome. Blunt confessed, “The first time I put it on I started to cry," highlighting the physical strain of getting into character.

    Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow (Source: Geek Tyrant)

    The charming Tom Cruise, ever the beacon of intensity and dedication, apparently took a moment to process Blunt’s emotional response. His advice? Classic Cruise. "Come on, stop being such a p*ssy, OK?" While Blunt managed to chuckle at Cruise’s blunt reply, it’s evident that the suit did leave its mark – her collarbones and ribs remain “still dodgy” after all these years.

    Awaiting the 'Edge of 2morrow'? Is the heavy suit to blame for the missing sequel?

    The iconic 'Edge of Tomorrow' ended in a manner that left many fans yearning for a sequel. But could the physically demanding suits be a reason we haven’t seen one yet? Or, in true Hollywood fashion, is everyone simply holding out for the perfect title – 'Edge of 2morrow', anyone?

    Either way, the revelation about the suits adds an element of raw authenticity to the film. Beyond the gripping storyline and the breathtaking action sequences, it’s a testament to the cast's unwavering commitment to bringing an unparalleled movie experience to their audience.

    Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow (Source: Entertaniment Weekly)

    For those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes tidbits, Blunt’s interview on the SmartLess podcast is a must-listen. The struggles, the camaraderie, and the unfiltered moments make it a treasured memory lane trip for 'Edge of Tomorrow' enthusiasts.

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