'I've lost my friend and I don't know where my car is!' - Revisit Ruby Rose's spooky post-'Halloween Ends' experience!

    Last year, post watching 'Halloween Ends', Ruby Rose experienced a real-life scare in an empty LA car park. While the night saw some eerie moments, Rose also publicly praised Jamie Lee Curtis for her unmatched 45-year journey with the Halloween series.

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    Ruby Rose's Fright Night: Not All Horror Ended with 'Halloween Ends'

    After the curtains fell on 'Halloween Ends', the horror wasn’t over for Ruby Rose. In a twist that sounded straight out of a horror film, Rose found herself in a spooky situation that would give anyone the creeps, especially after watching a spine-chilling movie.

    An Unexpected Sequel in the Parking Lot

    As reported by Daily Mail last year, after the film's climax, the 36-year-old Australian actress and DJ walked into the theatre's seemingly deserted car park in Los Angeles. In a panic, Ruby exclaimed, "I've lost my friend and I don't know where my car is and it seems that everybody else has left." The chilling emptiness surely added an eerie aftertaste to her movie experience. But fortunately, in a timely plot twist, her friend appeared, ensuring a happy ending to her unnerving mini-episode.

    Halloween Ends (Source: Heaven of Horror)

    A Scream Queen's Homage to Another

    Earlier that evening, Ruby didn't hold back her admiration for the film that was released last year and its star, Jamie Lee Curtis. Taking to her social media, Ruby lauded Curtis for her "decades-long commitment to Laurie and Halloween." She went on to say, "Thank you for the passion and courage you have brought to our many screens, for many Halloweens." As a bow to Curtis's iconic role, Ruby declared, "You're the original Final Girl. I am proud as punch to call you my friend."

    Indeed, Jamie Lee Curtis has epitomized the spirit of the 'Halloween' franchise for 45 long years. And Ruby rightly highlighted, "And she looked SPECTACULAR doing it, every single step of the 45-year franchise!"

    A Curtain Call for Curtis?

    Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Ends (Source: People)

    While fans celebrated the latest addition to the Halloween series, 'Halloween Ends', there's a touch of melancholy. It marks what Jamie Lee Curtis has affirmed will be her last portrayal of Laurie Strode. With the film's predecessors, 2018’s 'Halloween' and its sequel 'Halloween Kills', this formidable character is set for a memorable exit. Released by Universal Pictures, the film also streamed on Peacock, giving fans multiple ways to bid adieu to Curtis's iconic character.

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