'Komuram Bheemudo' song is a soul of RRR, brings out Ram Charan and Jr NTR's amazing chemistry

    'Komuram Bheemudo' song is a soul of RRR, brings out Ram Charan and Jr NTR's amazing chemistry

    The Telugu-language period action drama film is produced by D. V. V. Danayya of DVV Entertainments. ‘RRR’ is released on 25th March 2022.


    SS Rajamouli’s RRR is surely a record-breaker film that has been spreading its magic at the box office and in the minds of the audience. The film is embedded with everything that makes it a full-time entertainer of this season and yet another emotion attached to the film is highlighted in its song 'Komuram Bheemudo'.

    SS Rajamouli is a master blaster in himself and so do his films. The director knows every bit of the audience's emotion to capture and deliver it with his cinematic wonder. One such example is evidently seen in RRR's 'Komuram Bheemudo' song featuring JR. NTR carries a rage to turn the film. The song depicts how Bheem inspires himself to not submit and that has shown with utmost emotions. It has become the most important sequence which drives the whole narrative of the film. In the song, Tarak can be seen combining a number of expressions in one shot. It is a song that has the power to hold the audience with its emotion that who is watching it for the 2nd or the nth time, will definitely break down for the emotion attached with the same. While the film is becoming the talk of the town, the song holds a special place be one as the audience has seen talking about Tarak's performance and 'Komuram Bheemudo' song. The film has brought the amazing chemistry between Ram Charan and Jr. NTR. The actors were often seen complimenting each other for the support they received from each other which is brilliantly visible on the big screen.

    The film is garnering love among the international audience too and has seen flooding social media with their amazing reactions. The film is a global hit and is raging high all over the world, it's truly a successful phenomenon possible in SS Rajamouli's film. The audience couldn't stop themself to hit the theaters more than one time to watch the film. Some tweets went viral in the international market mentioned.

    "There's a handful of incredible action scenes in #RRR (One vs Many brawl, Bheem's attack, the bridge, Ram's rescue), but the Naatu Naatu dance-off is my favourite: a brotherly sparring and a culture clash all wrapped into one. Beautifully explicit action kineticism through dance"

    Some are stunned to see the great cinematic experience the film has created on the big screen. "I cannot overstate how pumped I was to witness a scene where a dude is whipped but refuses to kneel, and like the wind comes and his homeland itself brushes against his face with a leaf, and then he starts singing, and defeats British colonialism"

    For some, it's a phenomenon that is just hard to believe, as they wrote -"I finally saw #RRR and all of the hype is real and then some. Movies shouldn’t be allowed to be that cool. I have not stopped thinking about it and likely won’t for a very long time".

    The audience is truly intrigued by the scenes and especially the way the 'Komuram Bheemudo' song collects all the emotions. "No trouble with the translations for the most part, a few concepts that weren’t very clear during songs, but could understand the general ideas. So many great scenes, loved the intros and Interval and end climax. Komuram Bheemudo sticks most beautiful, haunting, inspirational!"