Minnal Murali: Director Basil Joseph is in favour of film's sequel, but not a remake

    Minnal Murali: Director Basil Joseph is in favour of film's sequel, but not a remake

    Minnasl Murali director Basil Joseph opened up about the reception of his latest superhero film, Minnal Murali. While he thinks a sequel to the film should be made, he isn't in favour of remakes.


    Netflix ’s latest superhero Malayalam film Minnal Murali , directed by Basil Joseph , has been making waves across the globe for its unique narrative, brilliant performance and excellent direction. The movie narrates the story of an ordinary man Jaison from a small town and how he becomes the superhero Minnal Murali and talks about how this event changes his life. Such has been the craze of the family entertainer that a few filmmakers from Bollywood have approached director Basil for the remake rights of the movie. 

    Setting the record straight, Joseph, while talking to a leading daily had confirmed, “We think of Murali as a native superhero belonging to Kerala. We don't want his identity to be scattered. Yes, discussions are underway, but nothing is being developed.” Sharing his thoughts on the movie’s remake, Joseph informs, “I don't want it to be remade. I want this to remain an original film. We haven't seen Spider-Man in different [iterations]. There is one Spider-Man, and one Krrish. So, there should be one Minnal Murali.” 

    “There should be a sequel. We have some stories in mind. It is tough to match the standard of the original story, because originals are easy [create]. You use the story of an underdog, and hence people can associate with it. But, it is tough to make sequels relatable. The character here is larger than life to begin with. Making viewers connect with him is tricky,” Joseph was quoted as saying.