'Oh, here's the pretty boy': Jensen Ackles recalls bitter-sweet relationship with Jessica Alba on set!

    Jensen Ackles opens up about his complex relationship with Jessica Alba on the set of "Dark Angel," describing a "horrible" working experience that evolved into a brother-sister-like bond.

    <p>Jensen and Alba (Source: Entertainment Weekly)&nbsp;</p>

    Jensen and Alba (Source: Entertainment Weekly)&nbsp;

    Jensen Ackles Spills the Beans: The "Horrible" and Heartwarming Experience with Jessica Alba on "Dark Angel"

    If you're looking for juicy insider scoop straight from the set of the hit show "Dark Angel," Jensen Ackles is spilling the beans. On Michael Rosenbaum's "Inside of You" podcast, as reported by Variety, Ackles laid bare his conflicting relationship with Jessica Alba.

    Jensen Ackles (Source: Koimoi)

    “Horrible” Beginnings - The Ackles-Alba Bickering

    What could be more Hollywood than a celebrity clash on set? Ackles admits that working with Alba was "horrible," revealing how he was the "new kid" on set who "got picked on." As he so eloquently put it, Alba saw him as “Oh, here's the pretty boy that network brought in for some more window dressing.” Ouch! What a chilly welcome to "Dark Angel."

    Ackles fought back, matching fire with fire, leading to mutual respect but also intense bickering. The two stars battled like siblings, creating an on-set atmosphere that was, well, not exactly harmonious.

    Jensen and Alba (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    Finding Common Ground - The Brother-Sister Relationship

    But it wasn't all glitz, glamour, and guerrilla warfare. Ackles opened up about how he and Alba eventually found common ground. After his grandfather passed away during production, Alba showed her compassionate side. "She literally just walked into my trailer and held me for a half an hour," Ackles recalled.

    Their relationship morphed from antagonistic to something akin to brother and sister. He described their dynamic as, “I'll be a dick to him, and he'll be a dick to me, and that's how we'll role." Ah, the sweet smell of sibling rivalry.

    A "Dark Angel" Tale with a Bright Ending

    It seems that Hollywood can still surprise us with tales of growth and personal connection. Ackles' recollections give us a peek into the tumultuous world of on-set dynamics and the human connections that can blossom from them.

    Ackles and Alba's relationship serves as a poignant reminder that there's more to the glitzy world of showbiz than meets the eye. From "horrible" beginnings to comforting embraces, their "Dark Angel" journey is one for the books. If nothing else, it reminds us that even in the harsh world of entertainment, human connection can still find its way.

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