RRR star Ram Charan doesn't like tailor made characters, reveals if he'd consider signing another Bollywood film after Zanjeer

    RRR star Ram Charan doesn't like tailor made characters, reveals if he'd consider signing another Bollywood film after Zanjeer

    RRR star Ram Charan talks about the possibility of returning to Bollywood after his Hindi debut in 2013 with the remake of Zanjeer which also starred Priyanka Chopra. 


    Actor Ram Charan says he doesn't believe in asking filmmakers to make a film keeping him in mind as projects often fall apart if the process of making them is not organic.

    Charan, known for hits like "Chirutha", " Magadheera " and "Racha", had famously made his Hindi debut with the 2013 film "Zanjeer", which was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan 's classic 1973 movie of the same name.

    The Apoorva Lakhia-directorial was not received well and Charan never returned to Hindi films.

    When asked about his absence from Bollywood, Charan told PTI that he prefers to wait for makers to approach him, rather than asking them to design a project for him. "The way I look at it, actors don't choose directors. Directors do. I cannot call up a director and say, 'Come let's do a movie together'. That never works. The maker has to envision us in his stories.”

    "If I come into a project organically after a character has been written, it has more impact than me saying, 'Let's make a love story, let's make a James Bond style film,'" the 36-year-old actor said.

    Charan believes that whenever actors try to get a project tailored for them, the end result is disastrous. "If you start writing something because the actor has asked you to, it goes haywire, it is all over the place. Now with social media presence and (OTT), everything is seamless, people's work is being recognised. Directors have the opportunity to pen down something thinking of us, but they need to come," he added.

    The "Rangasthalam" star said the acceptance of streaming platforms and widespread social media presence has ensured that makers today are not limited by geographical boundaries.

    In his upcoming " RRR ", helmed by filmmaker SS Rajamouli, the actor is joined by Telugu star Jr NTR along with Bollywood actors Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn .

    This was possible, Charan said, because everything today is pan India, a feat, which he also credited to Rajamouli's "Baahubali" franchise.

    "Boundaries have been broken with 'Baahubali'. Before that people had certain perceptions about South cinema... Now it is so seamless. Today, directors can choose actors across the state, be it Bengali or Malayali actors. Social media, OTT have also played a huge role, because people see each others' work, Alia is coming here, people from here are going there.”

    "This is the best time in Indian cinema, where we are able to explore ourselves in different mediums, languages.Directors have a lot more options today. They are no longer stuck with Telugu actors for Telugu directors. It is a wonderful, truly fascinating time to be an actor," he added.

    "RRR" is scheduled to release on January 7.