Tovino Thomas fights for his life in the intense first trailer for his upcoming movie Vazhakk

    Tovino Thomas fights for his life in the intense first trailer for his upcoming movie Vazhakk

    The movie will mark Tovinio Thomas's first collaboration with award-winning director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan.


    Tovino Thomas took to Instagram to launch the first trailer for his upcoming movie Vazhakk directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan,

    The actor has been delivery back to back hits, with his latest movie Thallumaala being a critical and commercial hit and going on to be his biggest box office success of 2022.

    In the Vazhakk, Tovino will be playing the role of a lawyer Siddharthan who gets dragged into a deadly conflict after he decides to offer a ride to a woman named Sasthi and her child.

    The trailer which is just under three minutes long, does not give away much of the plot of the movie. the movie will be mostly set inside a forest.

    The trailer starts off slowly with Siddharthan offering a Sathi played by Kani Kusruthi and her daughter a ride, he slowly comes to the realization that the woman is running away from her husband.

    there are also people chasing after Siddarth as well as we see a group of men led by actor Sudev Nair surround him, while he tries to defend himself with a hammer.

    We also see both Siddharthan and Sasthi returning to her home where the two men get into an intense argument, the group of men who are after Siddharthan could be why they chose to return.

    We also see Siddhartan trying to stop a broken and suicidal Sasthi from taking her own life, while her husband watches on helplessly.

    The trailer for the movie is intense and it looks like it has the making of a great psychological thriller, director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan is known for making intense thrillers that deal with various sociocultural aspects of Indian society.

    It is also nice to see Tovino Thomas take a step back from commercial projects and do a more character-centric role, no doubt the actor wants to showcase his acting talents to his critics and fans.

    The movie does not have an official release date yet, but we are sure to get an official announcement soon.