'Wow, this chick looks like a young Thandie Newton': Uncovering Nico Parker's star-studded family!

    Fans were shocked to discover that Thandie Newton's daughter, Nico Parker, stars in "The Last of Us." This revelation has social media buzzing about Parker's acting lineage!

    <p>Thandie Newton (Source: Forbes)</p>

    "Wow. This chick looks like a young Thandie Newton"

    Social media erupted with surprise when the family connection between The Last of Us star Nico Parker and renowned actress Thandie Newton became public. In a world filled with celebrity secrets, this one surely took the cake.

    A Star in Her Own Right: Meet Nico Parker

    Just three days after its release, The Last of Us, a gripping series based on the popular 2013 video game, broke records with its Rotten Tomatoes score. The thrilling plot follows characters navigating post-pandemic America, filled with zombie-like creatures. But what caught viewers' attention was the captivating role of Sarah Miller, played by Nico Parker.

    The Last of Us (Source: BT)

    A talented young actress, Parker debuted in 2019's Dumbo, and now with The Last of Us, she's firmly cemented her place in Hollywood. But fans soon realized her talent might be hereditary.

    "The kid in The Last of Us is Thandie Newton's daughter??!"

    As viewers binge-watched the series, many noticed a resemblance between Parker and the Mission: Impossible 2 and Line of Duty star, Thandie Newton. Social media lit up with exclamations like, "The actress who played Sarah in The Last of Us is Thandie Newton’s daughter – the resemblance is so mad."

    Sure enough, Parker's parents are the talented screenwriter and director Ol Parker, best known for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and the unmistakable Thandie Newton. As reported by UNILAD, this discovery sent shockwaves through social media.

    Family Ties: The Newton-Parker Legacy

    With parents steeped in the arts, it's no wonder Nico Parker is making waves in Hollywood. Her mother's illustrious career and father's writing and directing expertise have surely influenced her. Yet, the young starlet seems to be carving her own path, showing that she's more than just a famous offspring.

    Nico Parker with Thandie Newton (Source: Vogue)

    The huge success of The Last of Us has proven that Parker is following in her parent's footsteps but with a style and flair uniquely her own. The reactions on social media, ranging from "Nico Parker is LITERALLY just Thandiwe Newton" to calling for Newton to play an older version of her daughter's character, only emphasize the intrigue surrounding this talented family.

    The Newton-Parker family's intertwining talents are a testament to the beauty of shared passion. Whether in the thrilling world of The Last of Us or on the red carpets of Hollywood, it seems that Nico Parker is destined to be a name to remember.

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